5 Affordable Women’s Wetsuits for Surfing

Women's wetsuits are made to provide comfort with anatomically cut patterns for better surf performance.

Women surfers need a wetsuit that is made for them! Well-fit ladies wetsuits will reduce rubbing and irritation and allow you to enjoy surfing with in any temperatures and conditions.

Women's wetsuits are an amazing invention and an invaluable tool for surfers. Essentially, they're a second skin that traps a warm layer of water next to your body, wetsuit design for women has come a long, long way since wetsuits were developed in the 1950s. With the majority of shapes, styles and technologies available, picking a women's wetsuit that’s right for you can be hard – so we’ve put together this guide to help you out.

The first step for figuring out which women's wetsuit you need, think about the water temperatures where you'll be most likely be surfing regularly. For example, if you'll be surfing Costa Rica, you'll need a women's wetsuit for warmer water temps.

What types of women's wetsuits are there?

Essentially, there are four different options of women's wetsuits:

  1. Full suit
  2. Spring suit or shorty
  3. Long Janes
  4. Short Janes & Neoprene Tops/bottoms

You can find women's wetsuits ranging from warm full suits for cold water to thin and stretchy reef shorts for warm tropical water. Basically, women's wetsuits come in all shapes and sizes. Determining the right type of women's wetsuit for the water temperature you’ll be surfing in is the first step to choosing your suit.

Whichever type of women's wetsuit you choose, the simple rule of thumb is that a full suit is best for cool to cold water, while for warmer water, a spring or summer suit provides the ideal balance between warmth and freedom of movement. In this section we’ll look at the four main categories of women’s wetsuits.

Full wetsuits for women

Sometimes called a “steamer,” this wetsuit is designed to trap and warm a layer of water against the skin. It covers the whole body down to the wrists and ankles. Full suits come in varying thicknesses. Unless you live in the tropics, this will be your best option for a first suit.


O'Neill Reactor Full Women's Wetsuit
The O'Neill Reactor wetsuit for women is designed for performance in a value driven package. A perfect combination of stretch and durability. Fresh colors and graphics with style that's built to last.

Spring suits for women

The spring suit/shorty covers your torso and has short legs and long or short sleeves. Designed for warmer water, spring suits are usually made with thinner neoprene (1-3mm) for comfort, freedom of movement and sun protection.


O'Neill Reactor Spring Suit for women
The O'Neill Reactor wetsuit for women is designed for performance in a value driven package. A perfect combination of stretch and durability. Fresh colors and graphics with style that's built to last.

Long Janes Women's Wetsuits

The female version of ‘Long John’, Long Janes/Farmer Janes feature a sleeveless upper with full-length legs, giving the wearer completely unrestricted freedom to paddle with good levels of warmth for submersed legs. Like Spring suits, the Long Jane is designed for warmer water and is usually made with thinner neoprene (1.5-2mm).


Synergy Women's wetsuit
Hydrodynamic neoprene made from Yamamoto #39 and #40 with SCS silicone coated SyPrene. 5mm thick core buoyancy panel / 3mm lower legs and back. Full range of motion. Unsurpassed 680 percent flexibility. Highest grade anti corrode internal wetsuit zipper from YKK which greatly reduces drag as you move through the water. Super soft low neck with smooth skin on both sides and because it is so soft, it feels like you hardly have anything around your neck. 5mm wetsuit, which is the maximum buoyancy allowed in triathlon wetsuits. Creates nearly double the buoyancy than 3mm suits, which are not recommended for cold waters. Float higher. Move faster. Save energy.

Neoprene Tops and bottoms

Made with 1-2mm neoprene and ideal for extended surf sessions in warm water, the Short Jane’s sleeveless arms and short leg design makes it easy to change into and out of, and allows for a full range of motion in the water.

Likewise, neoprene tops and bottoms can be paired with a bikini for extra warmth and coverage in warm water.


CtriLady Wetsuit Jacket
This women’s wetsuit top is designed for swimming, diving, surfing, boating and other water sports that you like. 2mm thickness design of this can let you keep warmer in the cold water. This surf jacket is made of neoprene material which is high scalability, waterproof and heat insulation. This let you keep warm in the water and feel comfortable when you are surfing.

One-piece surf suits

One of the newest surf trends, functional, stylish and a great source of UPF protection, one-piece surf swimsuits and bodysuit rash guards are crafted with 1mm neoprene or thin, stretchy, high-performance swim fabrics that give you extra coverage in warm water.


Cressi One-Piece Surf Suit for Women
Sleek and flattering, the Cressi Termico Lady Thermo Suit is an all-in-one suit that's shaped like a traditional one piece with added neoprene for colder temperatures. Allows for greater freedom of movement. Can be used as a standalone wetsuit in warmer waters or as an undergarment to a standard neoprene wetsuit for added warmth in cooler water.


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