5 Original Women Surf Brands

Women surf brands prioritize both style and functionality, catering to the specific needs of female surfers. For quality surfwear, look for UV protection, durable materials, and a comfortable fit. It’s also beneficial to support brands emphasizing sustainability and community engagement. Always check reviews and product details before purchasing.

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An Introduction to Women Surf Brands

When looking at the history of bikinis, you’ll quickly realize one strange thing.

Women surf brands aren’t just about creating stylish surfwear; they’re about merging functionality with style.

Have you ever felt the pinch of a rashguard that wasn’t designed for your body, or struggled with boardshorts that seemed to have been made with someone else in mind?

Women surf brands took note of these issues.

They recognized that you needed surfwear that both looked great and served its purpose in the water.

Over the years, these brands have innovated, ensuring that when you hit the waves, you’re not only riding in style but with utmost comfort.

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The Rise of Women Surf Brands

Navigating the Male-Dominated Waves: The Surf Industry’s Past

You know how sometimes you can feel like the only surfer in a sea of crowds?

That’s how the surf industry might’ve felt for many women initially.

It’s not news that the surf world, like many sports arenas, was traditionally a male-dominated space.

But have you ever thought about its implications?

It means that for the longest time, products, gear, and even the narrative of surfing were largely designed by and for men.

You might’ve found yourself sifting through countless racks, wondering, “Where’s the gear designed for my body?” or “Why don’t these designs resonate with my surf style?”

That feeling of not being seen or catered to?

It’s not just you; it’s a sentiment echoed by many female surfers.

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Making Waves: The Inevitable Need for Women-Centric Surf Brands

Now, think about the evolution you’ve witnessed in the world of women surf brands.

There was a wave, a surge, a pressing need for brands that genuinely understood and catered to women like you.


Because it’s one thing to adapt and adjust to available gear, but it’s a completely different sensation when you wear something tailored for you.

Imagine the excitement of seeing women surf brands emerge, brands that said, “We see you. We hear you. We’re here for you.”

These brands weren’t just about making pretty designs; they understood the technicalities of the sport, the demands of a female surfer’s body, and the unique style each surfer brings to the waves.

5 Original Womens Surf Brands

1. September The Line


Erika Seiko Togashi is a designer who has worked for Patagonia, J. Crew, and Deus Ex Machina.

When she started September The Line, you could see that she had been influenced by her experiences with those companies.

Her line includes a combination of utility, originality, and edge.

Togashi focused on her vision after relocating from New York to Bali and realizing the scarcity of surfwear alternatives.

Their clothes are designed for both men and women.

We focus on fit, color, and environmentally friendly materials instead of details that are not needed.

Their designs have simple silhouettes and we never compromise performance.

Their clothes always look good and are timeless classics.

Mixing luxurious sustainable Italian fabric with well-considered technical features and flattering curves.

2. Abysse

women surf brands


The founder of Abysse was born and grew up on Tahiti’s largest island.

After becoming a surfer, model, and traveling the world throughout her teenage years, she longed to do something meaningful.

Being a conscious manufacturer entails reclaiming power and promoting what they believe in in the ever-growing fast fashion industry.

3. Cami and Jax


Cami and Jax is a line of high-quality swimwear that was started by friends who grew up on the beaches in Kauai.

They have trendy and timeless designs that have gained them a lot of fans on the west coast.

The suits are designed to be comfortable and made for moving around and surfing.

Cami and Jax’s goal is to empower women, which they continue to do with their innovative designs that focus on strength and power instead of conventional ideas of beauty.

Designers Jackie Brady and her sister Camille, a former professional surfer, have always had a passion for the ocean.

To this day, you can usually find them wearing their bikinis!

They founded their company with the goal of creating swimwear that would allow people to feel just as comfortable and free in their clothes as they do while surfing or swimming.

4. Dolphin Love


Dolphin Love is an underground, independent swimwear brand that operates a bit differently than other brands.

For starters, they only make small and limited series with a maximum of 30 pieces per series.

They also release new series every month instead of following the traditional seasonal approach.

Additionally, their cuts are a mix of old-school traditional swimwear from the ’20s with a touch post-modern Californian bikinis from the ’80s.

Lastly, they are proud to work exclusively with high-quality materials mostly imported from Italy and boast some of best sewing quality found in Bali – all handmade by two talented seamstresses in their tiny workshop.

5. Kassia Surf


KASSIA+SURF creates the most functional wetsuits, accessories, and lifestyle gear in a way that has minimal environmental impact.

They believe in supporting people in exploring this beautiful world we live in and expanding their horizons through healthy choices and experiences.

6. Seea

women surf brands


Seea is a surfwear company that sells everything from bikinis to rashguards to women’s wetsuits.

They provide a variety of designs and patterns for women of all tastes.

The majority of the line is made from recycled, upcycled, or natural materials, and it’s produced within 70 miles of their headquarters in San Clemente.

Seea is a feminist surfing brand dedicated to connecting ladies with themselves, their community, and the environment.

They provide items and stories that inspire confidence, development, and a passion for imperfection during every stage of a woman’s journey to self-discovery.

7. Ninefoot

women surf brands


NineFootStudio produces eco-friendly surf suits that are both functional and stylish.

The company was founded by Spanish surfer and designer Lucia Roman, who has been connected to the ocean her whole life.

After moving to Bali, she fell in love with surfing and decided to start a company that would produce quality activewear while also helping the environment.

Shaming activewear onto the world will only serve to demean women and make them feel, think, and move less confidently.

To assist women, their basic but practical designs are painstakingly developed.

Features of Women’s Surfwear

Marrying Functionality and Style: The Heart of Women’s Surfwear

Have you ever worn a piece of surfwear and thought, “This feels just right”?

That’s the sweet spot where functionality meets style.

Women surf brands understand that when you’re out conquering waves, it’s not just about looking good; it’s about feeling empowered.

The clothes you wear need to move with you, protect you, and at the same time, echo your unique style.

It’s a dance between aesthetics and athletics, and it’s at the core of women’s surfwear.

Catering to the Feminine Flow: Design Influences that Truly Understand

Ever noticed how some surfwear just seems to ‘get’ the female form?

That’s no accident.

Women surf brands have embraced design influences that genuinely cater to women’s needs.

It’s about crafting pieces that resonate with the female surfer’s journey, her challenges, and her aspirations.

From ergonomic cuts to fabrics that feel like a second skin, every design element is influenced by understanding what you, the modern female surfer, truly need.

Beyond Aesthetics: The Practicality of Surfwear Essentials

Let’s dive a bit deeper, shall we?

When you think of women’s surfwear, what comes to mind?

Rashguards that protect against those pesky board burns, boardshorts that allow for fluid movement, and wetsuits that stand as a barrier against the chill of the waves.

But these aren’t just items; they’re essentials.

Women surf brands emphasize the practicality of these pieces.

They’re designed with a purpose – to enhance your surfing experience.

So, the next time you slip into that rashguard or zip up that wetsuit, appreciate the thought and innovation that women surf brands have poured into making them not just wearable, but essential for your wave-riding adventures.

Beyond Surfing: Brands Making a Statement

Riding the Green Wave: Environmental Initiatives in Women Surf Brands

The ocean gives so much to surfers – endless waves, soulful experiences, and a deep connection with nature.

Recognizing this bond, many women surf brands are stepping up, not just to ride the waves, but to protect them.

It’s not just about crafting the perfect boardshort or wetsuit anymore; it’s about ensuring those very oceans remain pristine for future generations.

By adopting eco-friendly materials, reducing waste, and pioneering sustainable practices, women surf brands are making a statement – that they’re committed to the environment just as much as they are to the sport.

It’s a beautiful blend of passion for surfing and respect for Mother Nature.

Catching the Community Wave: Engagement and Empowerment

Beyond the thrill of riding waves lies a deeper connection – the bond of the surfing community.

Women surf brands recognize the power of this community and are diving headfirst into initiatives that uplift, engage, and empower.

From hosting workshops that teach young girls the joy of surfing to collaborating with local artisans to produce sustainable surf gear, the impact is profound.

These brands aren’t just selling products; they’re building communities.

They’re fostering spaces where every surfer, irrespective of their background or skill level, feels valued and empowered.

It’s about creating waves of positive change, both in and out of the water.

Is ROXY still a brand?

Yes, ROXY is still an active and popular brand, catering primarily to women’s surf, snowboard, and fitness needs.

What are the vintage surf brands?

Vintage surf brands include names like Quiksilver, Billabong, Rip Curl, and O’Neill, among others, that have roots going back several decades.

Is ROXY a girl brand?

Yes, ROXY is primarily targeted towards women and girls, offering surf, snowboard, and fitness apparel and accessories.

What is surfer fashion?

Surfer fashion encompasses beach-inspired clothing and accessories, including boardshorts, rashguards, sandals, and casual wear that reflects the laid-back, ocean-loving lifestyle.

Are Roxy and Billabong the same?

No, Roxy and Billabong are distinct brands, though they both operate in the surfwear industry.

Is Roxy owned by Billabong?

No, Roxy is not owned by Billabong. Roxy is a sister brand of Quiksilver.