31 Unique gifts for surfers

Discover our collection of unique gifts for surfers.

Trying to figure out what unique gifts for surfers you can get your water friend?

These gifts for surfers are things every surfer will appreciate and use again and again.

Essentially, these are gifts for surfers you can't go wrong with.

Also check out our list of the best surfing movies and surf books if you're looking for a gift along those lines.

31+ Unique gifts for surfers

When giving any kind of gift, you can't go wrong with anything handmade.

The following selection of gifts for surfers are unique and original.

1. She Hit Pause Fine Art Surf Photography Prints

she hit pause gifts for surfers

Matt Schwartz makes art with Polaroid, mixed media, and film images. His current collection includes pictures from different places around the world. All of which would classify as unique gifts for surfers.

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2. Sagebrush Board Bags

sagebrush board bags gifts for surfers

Sagebrush Board Bags some of the best and unique gifts for surfers you can get.

They are specifically made to safeguard your surfboard while still looking good.

They're more eye-catching than a standard solid-colored board sock, and they're also tough enough to endure all of the adventure and recklessness associated with a surfing trip.

The first board bag they ever produced has survived Hawaii, Baja, Oregon, and even a 21-mile trek!

Designed and produced in sunny Southern California.

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Unique gifts for surfers under $50

Trying to find the perfect unique gifts for surfers for Christmas?

Surfboards can cost over $1000 and quality wetsuits start at around $250, but there are plenty of other options available too.

These unique gifts for surfers listed below is available for purchase at our online surf shop or one of our two retail locations.

3. Wetsuit shampoo

wetsuit shampoo gifts for surfers

This mild wash is suitable for cleaning and conditioning expensive wetsuits, drysuits, and other neoprene apparel.

It's actually one of the most popular and unique gifts for surfers you can get.

The wash will remove organic debris, chlorine, and salt from your suit.

This will help to keep your suit in excellent working order for a longer period of time.

Booties, gloves, fishing waders, GORE-TEX textiles, and Lycra bodywear are also safe to use with this cleanser.

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4. Surf Wax

sticky bumps gifts for surfers

Fourth on our list of unique gifts for surfers is this wax.

Every surfer constantly misplaces or uses up their surf wax, so help them stay prepared by stocking them up.

Sticky bumps surf wax is our favorite brand.

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5. Surf Wax Full Kit

surf wax kit

Fifth on our list of unique gifts for surfers is this waxy surf kit.

The surf kit includes four bars of Sticky Bumps wax, a Futures fin key, a Flexcomb to clean your board, and Fireball wax remover.

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6. Open Roads Surf Essentials Case

surf kit

Sixth on our list of unique gifts for surfers is this case.

This case is perfect for surfers who want to keep their surf gear with them at all times.

The kit comes with Sticky Bumps surf wax, as well as a wax comb and a fin key.

It's great that the case comes with a separate area for the surf wax, which will help reduce wax melt and wax leak.

Plus, the case has a water resistant outer and an extra stash pocket.

You get:

  • Sticky Bumps Surf Wax
  • Wax Comb
  • Fin Key
  • Water Resistant Outer
  • Extra Stash Pocket
  • Organic Sunscreen (SPF 50) & Lip Balm (SPF 15)

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7. Ho Stevie! Durable Wetsuit Changing Mat/Waterproof Dry-Bag for Surfers

ho stevie surf changing

Seventh on our list of unique gifts for surfers is this dry bag/ changing mat.

This is essentially a changing mat that also serves as a dry bag is ideal for any surfer.

Not only will it protect your wetsuit from abrasive surfaces, but it will also keep everything organized and in its place after you're done surfing.

Wetsuits are pricey, and they deteriorate considerably faster when subjected to dirt and debris.

It becomes a dry bag after you've changed out of your wet wetsuit by tightening the drawstring on the mat.

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8. Traction Pad

traction pad

Eight on our list of unique gifts for surfers is this traction pad.

Traction pads are a place on the tail of a surfboard that improve the grip.

This allows the surfer to make more extreme maneuvers.

However, they are difficult to remove, so make sure the surfer you are getting this for doesn't have one already on their board.

Most shortboarders use traction pads, so if they buy a lot of boards, they will really like this gift.

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9. Surf leash

surf leash gifts for surfers

Ninth on our list of unique gifts for surfers are these surf leashes.

Leashes are required for each surfboard that a surfer owns.

Transferring leashes from board to board becomes tedious after a while.

Many surfers don't have a backup leash on hand. Surf leashes are popular presents among surfing enthusiasts.

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10. Changing Poncho

surf poncho

Tenth on our list of unique gifts for surfers is this surf poncho.

Its a poncho is not only stylish (ehemm) but also is a useful item since it makes slipping into and out of a wetsuit more discreet and warmer than a towel.

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11. Wetsuit Glue

wetsuit glue

Wetsuits encounter a lot of wear and tear.

Rips and tears are an unfortunate, but common occurrence.

This wetsuit glue will easily fix any issue for months on end, delaying the need to purchase a new one.

Even if your wetsuit has a warranty, sometimes it can take weeks to get fixed–but with this glue, you could be back in the water within 24 hours.

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12. Surfboard Carry Strap

surfboard carry strap

It's tiring to walk with a longboard for any length of time.

Especially if you have to climb any hills or stairs with it.

If you know someone who thinks their board is heavy or difficult to reach around the board to get a firm hold.

This is an excellent present.

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13. Tie Down Surfboard Car Straps

surfboard tie down strap

If you have a car, van, or SUV, these cinch straps are essential.

They're easy to use and will hold your surfboards tight.

They're also super durable and long-lasting.

Every surfer with a vehicle needs a set of these.

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14. COR Surf Aero Roof Rack Pad

surf roof rack

These tie downs, like the ones above, come with pads to put on the surfboard (and roof) for added protection.

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15. Surfboard Ding Repair

surfboard ding repair

This is a great present for people who like to fix things themselves.

If your surfboard has a ding and starts to take on water, you don't have to wait a week for someone to fix it.

You can do it yourself with one of these repair kits.

There are two types of repair kits: Epoxy and Polyester.

Make sure that the type of kit you get matches the construction of your surfboard.

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16. Sunscreen

unique gifts for surfers

Surfers need reef safe sunscreen that doesn't have any harsh chemicals, and Surf Durt is perfect for this!

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17. Pickle Wax Remover

pickle wax remover

The wax remover is simple to use. It can be used on one longboard and one shortboard before it loses its effectiveness.

With a little sticker and wax comb, the design is amusing.

Because tiny grains of sand will escape and pollute the floor if you don't have a clean deck, these wax removers are an essential component of the process.

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18. Slowtide Towels

slowtides towel

A towel is required by every surfer.

Slowtide has melded the worlds of art and design with high-quality, efficient towels.

These are functional in that they were created to be used by surfers while drying off and changing clothes.

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19. Sex Wax Air Freshener

sex wax air freshener

This is a favorite among surfers.

These air fresheners will provide a tropical atmosphere to any automobile or room.

There's nothing else like it anywhere.

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20. Fin Wallet

fin wallet

A fin wallet is a fantastic way to keep track of your finsets.

Fin wallets come with slots for holding various pairs of fins as well as other items that are frequently misplaced like fin keys, leash ties, and fin screws.

This is an excellent tool for keeping your house organized and ready to go when you're not on the water.

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21. The Finpuller

fin puller

The FINPULLER fin removal and installation Tool is a must-have for every surfer, as it allows you to save your hands, fins, and boxes.

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22. Hang Pro Slide Wetsuit Hanger

wetsuit hanger

Wetsuits take a while to dry, and an even longer time when you don't have a wetsuit hanger.

This specific wetsuit hanger helps your wet suit to dry over night, so it'll be ready for tomorrow morning's surf session.

Grappling with a cold, damp wetsuit from the day before is one of the worst feeling ever.

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Slightly more expensive and unique gifts for surfers

23. The Ocean Warrior (Breath-holding Course)

the ocean warrior breath holding course

If you're looking for a surf-themed gift that will keep on giving, we highly recommend the Ocean Warrior 2.0 breathing course by professional big wave surfer Mark Visser.

This online course covers safety techniques, land and water training exercises, and helpful tips and tricks to make catching and riding huge waves much easier.

With more skill and knowledge under your belt, you'll be able to outmaneuver the enormous waves.

This is a wonderful present for someone who wants to improve their surfing abilities and gain confidence in the water.

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24. Casio G-Shock waterproof watch

unique gifts for surfers

Every surfer will benefit from having a waterproof diving or surf watch.

You can plunge headfirst into the deep without having to worry about your watch being able to withstand the pressure.

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25. Surf Backpacks

unique gifts for surfers

If you're a surfer, you know that you need more than just a board to ride the waves.

If your chosen surf spot is only accessible by hiking, then it's essential to have a backpack designed specifically for carrying boards.

These backpacks can fit boards up to 8 feet long.

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26. Sharkbanz (Shark Repellant)

If you're looking for a present for a surfer who might be attacked by sharks, this one will give them shark protection.

SHARKBANZ 2 is a scientifically tested, effective and sleek shark band that can protect any surfer.

With the help of the band's electromagnetic forcefield, you can repel sharks.

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27. Wetsuit Changing Mat to Stand On

cor surf wetsuit changing mat

A wetsuit changing mat is one of the most underutilized surfing accessories.

A wetsuit changing mat will make your or a friend's surfing experience ten times better.

Simply stand on the Cor Surf Wetsuit Changing Mat, take off your wetsuit, and then step off of it.

Your wet suit can now be quickly packed away in a drawstring bag that fits easily in your backpack or carried with you, avoiding stains or damp spots on it.

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28. Surf Tide Watches

Surf watches are essential for any surfer who wants to stay up-to-date on the conditions of the waves.

Check out our guide on surf watches

GoPro Hero 7

gopro hero 7

If you're looking for an action camera that is perfect for surfing, look no further than GoPro.

Their cameras have been proven to withstand water and weather damage again and again, making them the perfect choice for any surfer in your life.

The old model of the GoPro 7 (from 2021) is still our recommendation because it's the only one where you can replace the lens if it becomes damaged.

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29. Surf Books

See our epic guide to the best surf books every surfer should read.

30. Aquapac Key Master

unique gifts for surfers

Keep your car keys, money, and other tiny items safe by investing in a waterproof case.

With this evidence of protection, you're allowed to bring valuables with you whether near or far from water; tested to the IPX8 standard which covers depths up to 165 feet / 50 meters deep.

The lanyard is adjustable for security and comfort.

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31. Indo Balance Board

indo balance board

The Iconic Indo Board Original is the go-to balance board for more National, World, and Olympic Champions across all sports than any other balance board.

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