9 Best Surfing Camps for Adults in Costa Rica

Are you looking for a surfing camp for adults in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica’s warm water, all-year-round waves, and laid-back “pura vida” lifestyle have made it one of the world’s most popular surf vacation destinations.

There’s a reason for that.

Where else can you find all of this: a tropical backdrop, ease of transportation, fantastic cuisine, and many different travel style options?

There are many Costa Rican surf camps available to choose from, these are some of our top picks.

Best surfing camps for adults in Costa Rica

1. Shaka Costa Rica Surf Camp

Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica (not the Playa Hermosa near Jaco)

Shaka Surf Camp

Shaka Beach Retreat Costa Rica is a clean and functional camp that offers surfers of all levels quality, personalized instruction.

With a student to coach ratio of 3:1, you are guaranteed individualized attention so that you make the most progress possible during your stay.


2. Surf Simply Surf Camp

Nosara, Costa Rica

surf simply surf camp

The Surf Simply camp was designed with the same architects who worked on the original Apple stores and Facebook headquarters.

The level of detail and commitment put into this surf camp is evident from its elegant accommodations, to its state-of-the-art facilities, opened in the fall of 2018.

This dedication does not stop at beginner surfers either; even experienced surfers will find new challenges and improve their skills under Surf Simply’s guidance.

The training is highly individualized, with a strong focus on physics, theory, and video analysis.

The coaching ratio is nine to twelve students, ensuring high-quality attention. Nestled in a nature preserve near Playa Guiones on the Nicoya Peninsula, the sparkling but understated 10-room resort boasts pristine ocean views.


3. Lucero Surf Retreat

Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

lucero surf camp

The Lucero Surf Retreat is a small, family-operated camp that provides personal connection and attention.

Owners met while backpacking in Costa Rica and embraced an itinerant lifestyle soon after.

Their decision to open the retreat was based on providing fellow travelers with the same great experience they had – one without pressure or mandatory activities, offering more freedom to explore independently if desired.

The retreat warmly welcomes both families and solo travelers alike who want this unique level of flexibility while vacationing.


4. Witch’s Rock Surf Camp

Tamarindo, Costa Rica

witchs rock surf camp

You may visit Witch’s Rock Surf Camp on your own, but you won’t be there long alone. Almost a third of weekly visitors to WRSC are solo travelers, according to the resort, which is located right on the beach in Tamarindo and serves more than 50 restaurants and 15 bars (and plenty more nightlife options).

At WRSC, you can connect with other surfers who share your passion both in and out of the water.

What’s more, WRSC has its own microbrewery as well as two restaurants, a coffee shop, and a surf shop to give it ~~ Atmosphere akin to that of resort .

If you’re a novice or merely intermediate, don’t worry; for those levels, our hotel offers daily training.

On the other hand, if you consider yourself skilled, we also provide excursions that bring guests to some of the area’s biggest waves and best surfing locations — however without expert instruction .

There will never be a shortage of things to do here, regardless of your skill level:

There’s always fantastic surfing right in front of you.


5. Safari Surf School

Nosara, Costa Rica

surfing camps for adults

The main appeal of Nosara and Safari Surf rests on the instructors’ shared passion for surfing.

They are all extremely talented surfers with years of experience.

They also take enjoyment in meeting fellow enthusiasts and forming friendships that last beyond the boundaries of the school.

Beyond being skilled at surfing, each instructor is also thoroughly trained in teaching methodology, safety precautions, first aid response mechanisms, etc.


6. Surf With Amigas Surf Camp

Pavones, Costa Rica

surf with amigas surf camp

If you want to learn how to surf and bond with other women, come to Surf With Amigas.

This camp is run by pro-surfer Holly Beck and is in a beautiful location near Pavones on the southern Pacific coast of Costa Rica.

You can stay for one week or more, and all levels of surfers are welcome.

You’ll be taught by female instructors in an eco-friendly lodge that blends in with its natural surroundings.

The Pura Vista home is a more luxurious house that can accommodate 8-10 people. It has air conditioning and an infinity swimming pool.

It also boasts a scenic ocean and jungle view. If you want to surf, there are beaches close by that you may visit.

The Longboard Surf House is comparable to the Pura Vista residence in terms of amenities and layout.


7. Peaks and Swells Surf Camp

Montezuma, Costa Rica

peaks surf camp

If you’re looking for a kid-friendly surf camp, Peaks and Swells is the perfect place.

With waves that are gentle and riptides that you don’t have to worry about, your family can learn to surf together in no time.

Plus, the camp is limited to three families at a time, so you’ll have plenty of space and privacy.

The homes are also right on the beach, but only a 10-minute walk from Montezuma if you want to explore town.

Even though Peaks and Swells knows that you want to spend time with your family, they also know that you need some time for yourself.


8. Blue Surf Sanctuary Surf Camp

Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

blue surf sanctuary surf camp

The Emerald Surf Sanctuary is a great place to stay if you want to do a lot of different activities.

The bungalows there are really nice and perfect for people who want to learn how to surf.


9. Kalon Surf Camp

Dominical, Costa Rica

kalon surf camp

If you want a surf camp that feels like paradise, look no further than Kalon Surf Resort.

Whether you’re just starting to learn or are looking to improve your skills, our coaching staff will help you reach your goals.

We’ll also introduce you to the best surfing spots according to your level and comfort—all while providing luxurious amenities.

Each of our six guest rooms comes complete with stunning ocean views, top-notch linens, and rain showers so that you can relax in style.

After you’ve gotten a drink and snack from the open kitchen, explore the sprawling six acres (including an organic garden).

If you’re still feeling tense, take a dip in the infinity pool or get a massage.

And finally, enjoy a farm-to-table dinner cooked with fresh ingredients sourced locally.