52 Great surfboard racks ideas

When you're not surfing what do you do with your boards?

Do you hide them in your garage?

Do you put them on display?

Then there's the question of, how do you get your surfboards to the beach?

Do you put them on the side of your bike motorcycle?

From surfboard racks for bikes, surfboard racks for car, surfboard racks for wall, and even some cool surfboard racks DIY projects.

Having the right surfboard rack solution for display or travel can improve your life.

Whether you want to put your boards on display in a custom surfboard rack or efficiently transport your surfboard.

Inside this guide you'll know all the different possibilities you'll have with these different surfboard rack options.

Surfboard wall racks are the best option help your boards last longer.

Here are the top solutions for storing surfboards safely and securely in limited spaces.

It can be daunting to figure out the best way to store your surfboards.

You need quick access to them and they need to look great on display.

From the garage, a living room, and bedroom are some of the most common storage areas.

It's up to you to choose the best place.

You can store them in vertical mode – just like we see them in surf shops – or you can get them horizontally.

Depending on the number of surfboards owned, space availability and need for mobility, you may pick different sufboard rack solutions.

Commonly, surfboard racks are made of soft foam, steel, aluminum, wood, and even plastic/PVC.

These surfboard rack storage solutions will help reduce the number of unsightly dings from drops and smashes.

Whether you have a quiver of 9 foot plus boards for your longboard waves obsession or only shortboard, you'll surely find at least some awesome inspiration in this article.

Surfboard racks wall

When it comes to surfboard racks for walls you have two options.

A surfboard rack wall mount and a freestanding surfboard wall rack.

The wall mount is where you proudly display a surfboard horizontally on a wall.

This is a great option if you want to use your surfboard as a decoration when you're not surfing.

The other option is a surfboard wall rack.

Where you display a number of surfboards vertically.

This is a great option if you have other three surfboards.

Sometimes this can be complicated if you have longboards and a short ceiling.

GNARWALL Surfboard Hanger

The GNARWALL is the world’s first hidden surfboard hanging system.

An eco-conscious hook and hanger system, GNARWALL is crafted from sustainable materials.

The system is available in three colorways and works with most common fin boxes.

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GNARWALL Multi-Board Rack

The environmentally friendly 6 board GNARWALL rack.

Perfect for those with multi-board quivers.

Built out of Baltic Birch.

Removable arms allows for usage with different quiver sizes.

Foam padding protects your boards from scratches.

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COR Bamboo Wall Rack

This solid surfboard wall rack by COR Surf is made of sustainable bamboo, it’s easy to install, and protects your board’s rails with a protective rubber strip.

Holds any size Surfboard or Longboard, wakeboard, snowboard, or kite board.

Made of solid, eco-friendly sustainable wood that comes with a protective rubber strip.

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GNARWALL Horizontal Surfboard Rack

An eco-conscious hook and hanger system, handcrafted carefully from sustainable materials.

Comes with a new neoprene lining fitted inline with the hook for seamless storage, a perfect soft spot to hang your precious boards.

Each purchase comes with everything you need to mount 1 board (2 hooks, 2 hangers and hardware).

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Hawaiian Gun Racks

The Original Hawaiian Gun Rack designed to hold most surfboards up to 30 lbs in weight.

Handcrafted for strength and style these wall racks make your surfboard look like it's floating on the wall.

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Beaut Board Display

A simple and adjustable wall mounted system that allows you to display your favourite board.

The mounting bracket is adjustable to accommodate most board sizes, with a cork and rubber composite to cushion your precious board. 

Beaut Board Display is hidden so that all the focus goes onto the Board on show.

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Surfboard racks for car

A surfboard is not a very portable sports item, and transporting boards in or on your automobile can be tricky.

Above all, you don't want to put your life and other lives in jeopardy.

The safest way of hitting the road in search of perfect surf is to install easy-to-use surfboard car racks available in the market.

These systems are inexpensive and will allow you to carry boards on top of your car while simultaneously deblocking your rear and side view driving angles.

The best surfboard car rack systems are hard racks and soft racks.

Surfers who prefer to keep objects off the car roof, and people driving vehicles with rain gutters usually opt for hard racks.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, you'll find soft racks.

These systems can be easily and quickly mounted and dismounted with straps so that you're only driving with them when you're surfing.

Smooth pads will ensure that surfboards will not be in direct contact with the car roof.

All these surfboard car rack systems are compatible with board bags and unprotected surfboards, but make sure to travel with the surfboard fins up and in the back of the car, pointing forward.

Thule Board Shuttle

thule board shuttle surfboard rack

Features an exclusive telescoping-width SUP and surfboard carrier with built-in board protection and universal roof-rack compatibility.

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Thule Surf Pads

thule surf pads

A 18/24-inch pad with a foam padded interior, UV coated exterior, hook and loop middle strap, bungee cord end straps.

Easy and fast to install.

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Thule SUP Taxi XT

The ultimate surfboard and stand-up paddleboard car rack. 

Features exclusive telescoping design, soft weather resistant padding, and four One-Key locks.

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Thule Express Surf Strap

thule express surf strap

A simple and straightforward cinching system with stretchable bungee surf straps that will secure different size surfboards, stand-up paddleboards and sailboards to your car roof.

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Yakima FlushBar System

yakima flushbar system

The Yakima FlushBar is one of the safest overhead racks in the marker and integrates seamlessly ith the shape of your vehicle.

The crossbar with integrated towers maximizes strength, minimizes drags, and reduces noise levels to nearly zero.

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Woowave Cross Bars

woo wave car rack

The Woowave Cross Bars are portable, lightweight roof racks that will allow you to carry surfboards, SUP boards, kayaks, longboards, snowboards and canoes.

They feature a grade EPE foam-padded interior, UV resistant ballistic nylon cover exterior and waterproof bungee cord end straps.

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Dorsal Aero Rack Pads

dorsal aero rack pads for surfboards

The perfect solutions for surfers who wish to transport up to two shortboards. 

Features a carrying case with draw string, and heavy aircraft buckles for safety and strength.

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Block Surf Wrap Rax Double

block surf wrap rax double

A very secure system which allows you to travel with up to six surfboards or two longboards. 

For cars with or without gutters.

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Ho Stevie! Car Roof Rack

The Ho Stevie! Car Roof Rack system allows you to carry up to three surfboards in any vehicle.

Its silicone buckle covers will protect your car against scratches and dings.

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Creatures of Leisure Single Wrap Rax

creatures of leisure single wrap rax

Comes with unbreakable metal buckles with neoprene padding to protect your car and surfboard in a broad range of board travel conditions.

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Curve Roof Rack Pads

curve roof rack pads

Offers a secure lockdown single loop system.

The cocoons around surfboards eliminate lift, slide and flutter.

You have two connection options: either through doors or via roof rails.

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Dakine Aero Rack Pads

dakine long pads

The ideal two-piece system for large surfboards.

Features a sleek aerodynamic design and offers 28-inch wide protection.

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FCS Premium Double Soft Racks

fcs d ring double soft racks

An excellent system that fits all cars, vans, and four wheel drives. Holds 1-6 shortboards or 1-4 longboards.

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Surfboard racks for bikes

Wall mounted surf racks are the most popular because they are the easiest to create.

All that’s really needed is a wood plank and wooden rods.

When building a wall mounted rack indoors, it’s good idea to have some carpet or floor protection for when water drips off the board.

The most popular way of driving a bicycle with your surfboard is using a side-mounted rack.

Although your bike gets a bit wider, you won't face safety issues, and wind won't prevent you from speeding up.

Rear-mounted surfboard racks leave your both sides free but may blow you from side to side when the wind is stronger.

The upright mounted rack model puts your surfboard in a vertical position, right behind the seat.

Finally, there are also surfboard trailers equipped with wheels, which allow you to carry your surfboard and extra gear on an independent, rear-mounted vehicle.

These models, however, will require special attention when turning and going up and down steep roads and streets.

Moved By Bikes Shortboard Bicycle Rack

It mounts to virtually any bicycle and offers quick release bars for quick and easy removal when not in use.

They have been designed to fit the vast majority of bicycles on the market, from beach cruisers to full suspension mountain bikes.

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Carver The Mini Rack


The original shortboard rack system provides a safe, secure side-ride for your surfboard.

It is built in aluminum and will fit shortboards up to 8”.

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Carver The Max Rack

carver the max rack

A model with a wider mounting stance.

It mounts to bike frame, and fits most bike models. It won't crush, or scratch your two wheeler.

The ideal choice for small motorcycle owners.

It is easy to install, and clamps on existing rear cargo moped racks.

Made from TIG welding 6061 aluminum, and ready to accommodate larger boards.

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Ho Stevie! Surfboard Bike Rack

Ho Stevie surfboard bike rack

A best-selling model that allows you to transport boards up to 8 feet long.

Its carrier arms can be adjusted to suit your bike and surfboard, and the bungee cords keep it secured and safe.

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COR Surf Shortboard Bike Carrier Rack

cor surfboard bike rack

The COR Surf Shortboard Bicycle Rack allows you to carry boards up to 8 feet to the beach.

It features a thick and bright green soft foam padding and is easy to install thanks to the adjustable-length arms.

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Onefeng Scooter Moped Surfboard Rack

onefeng scooter moped surfboard rack

Have you got a scooter?

This system mounts to to the rear cargo rack.

It's easy to install and features foam-covered arms to prevent dings or scratches on your gear.

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Onefeng Sports Surfboard Bicycle Carrier

onefeng sports surfboard bike rack

It's easy to install this bike rack – just clamp it to the seat post and you're ready to go.

The model is adjustable for different size boards.

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Explopur Surfboard Bicycles Carrier Rack

explopur surfboard bike rack

A simple, yet highly functional design structure that will fit surfboards up to eight inches thick, and prevents your bike and board from rubbing.

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Freestanding Surfboard racks

Whilst a freestanding surfboard rack might be more difficult to construct when compared to a wall mounted one, it does have some advantages.

Firstly, you’re not damaging the wall so if it ever gets removed you won’t have to do extra maintenance work.

Secondly, because it’s free standing, you can easily move it around your room or house and into a new location if you change your mind.

6-Space Vertical Surfboard Freestanding Storage

The free standing surfboard rack is any surfers go to when they are looking for sleek and efficient surfboard storage.

It is designed to keep the boards off the wall or floor and neatly standing up in the rack instead.

This surfboard standing rack is perfect for patios, dorm rooms, garages, and anywhere else you want to display your boards and make them look great.

The simple design means that it is easy to assemble and disassemble.

It is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

This product is designed, tested, and manufactured in the United States so you can have confidence that it is built to last.

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Stoneman Sports Freestanding Floor Stand

Freestanding SUP storage rack sits on floor, no mounting to walls required.

Storage for 5 paddleboards – Surf, Yoga, Touring, Race, Inflatable, and more styles of SUPs.

Heavy duty steel frame holds paddle boards up to 40 lbs per rack level and 200 lbs total.

Ideal for home storage in your garage or on your deck, or at your retail or rental shop.

Arms remove with the click of a push pin for mount maneuverability and storage flexibility.

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Steves Rack Shack Free Standing Vertical Surfboard Storage

The freestanding rack is any surfers go to when they are looking for mobile board storage.

It is designed to keep the boards off the wall for patios, dorm rooms, and anywhere else you want to display on board per space and make them look great.

The simple design means that it is easy to assemble and disassemble.

It is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

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Hanging surfboard racks

Ceiling surfboard racks are simple to make and save loads of floor space.

However, their main drawback is that they you have to keep an eye on the amount of weight they can carry.

EasyGO SUP Rack Surfboard Overhead Ceiling Mount-for Garage or Room-Paddle Board and Longboard Double Sided

SUP and surfboard ceiling rack was designed using all steel to withstand the weight of heavy paddleboards and long boards creating a more sturdy and durable paddle board storage rack.

Rack is 18 inches tall and each arm to support the boards is 25 inches wide.

Each side of the rack can hold up to 75 pounds.

Adjustable – The racks are adjustable up and down from 10 inches to 18 inches.

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Extreme Max 3006.8417 Aluminum SUP/Surfboard Ceiling Rack for Home and Garage Overhead Storage

Store your boards with ease with the Extreme Max SUP/Surfboard Ceiling Rack!

Because storage space is precious and often very limited, the ceiling-mount rack is designed to create its own space in the oft-forgotten or previously unusable overhead areas of your garage, storage shed, underside of your deck, or in your home.

The rack is constructed from heavy-duty aluminum with a durable foam sleeve on each arm to protect your boards from pressure dings and board scrapes.

When evenly distributed, the rack's 135 lbs. weight capacity allows storage for multiple surfboards or paddleboards on each side.

Installation is easy, mounting directly into a ceiling joist or with the included drywall anchors.

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Surfboard rack DIY

Listed below are the best DIY surfboard racks that you can build.

Construction for all of these surf racks is quite straightforward, it’ll save you money and they’re a fun little side project for you to work on at the weekend.

Not technically a rack in itself, we included this DIY rack pad because it is important for protecting your surfboards against dings when placed on racks or whilst you travel.

These rack pads from Crafty Surf are built using velcro, stitching and insulation foam.

DIY Vertical Bamboo Surfboard Racks

From Surf Sufficient, this video guide on building a wall mounted surfboard rack is straight forward to set up and uses bamboo, wooden boards, carpet and glue.

Watch how from korduroy.tv

DIY Horizontal Wooden Surfboard Racks

A good in depth guide from Instructables.

Great if you’re looking for a horizontal, wall mounted surfboard rack instead of a vertical.

Learn more

DIY Horizontal PVC Pipe Surfboard Rack

This guide is another horizontal wall mounted surf rack, but this one’s made mostly out of PVC pipe.

Learn how from tallguysurfing.blogspot.com

Driftwood Surfboard Racks DIY

Give the standard DIY surfboard rack an upgrade with some driftwood and bolts.

DIY Freestanding Surfboard Racks

Inertia provides this straightforward guide to setting up a freestanding rack on a budget.

Learn how from inertia.com

DIY Stylish Wall Mounted Surfboard Display

More of a “surfboard display” than a rack, this creation from Johnny Side Burns is quite minimalist when compared to the other wall mounts.

Learn how from johnnysideburns.wordpress.com

DIY Ceiling Surfboard Racks

Good for garages, this ceiling surf rack is very cheap to make.

Learn how from korduroy.tv

Surfboard racks for trucks

Thule Surf Tailgate Pad

Features a sewn-in strap system that slides easily around the bottom of your tailgate so you can secure this pad quickly without messing around for an hour in the garage.

This surfboard tailgate rack straps onto your truck's tailgate and then straps your surfboard / longboard on top of the pad to keep it secure on the drive to your favorite break.

Universal truck fit Adjustable straps that encircle your tailgate.

The strap that holds your surfboard has a quick release for and easy access to your stick. 

Protect your board Many surfers with trucks are guilty of just throwing their boards in the bed of the truck but those are the same people who have chips, dings, and get waterlogged surfboards.

Treat your surfboard with respect and get a tailgate rack.

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Thule Xsporter Pro

This Thule Surf, SUP, and Kayak rack is a great rack for trucks that don't already have a rack.

Made from Aluminum, this rack is lightweight and strong enough to carry all your favorite toys.

The rack has an awesome and unique design feature – adjustable height.

This makes it a universal rack for different trucks and different boards.

For instance, if you have a smaller cab height and you want to reduce the wind profile of the rack, then you can simply lower it down.

Or, if you need to carry something on the rack, but still leave plenty of room for cargo in the bed, you can raise it up to its highest point to leave plenty of room below.

The rack has Thule's patented AirTrip design which is a better way to redirect airflow around the support bars.

Additionally, this truck rack has a textured strip that disturbs the airflow in a particular way.

What does this all mean anyways?

It means that you will have one of the most quiet and fuel efficient racks available on the market.

The adjustable and removable rack feature sounds like a security issue – what's preventing someone from stealing it?

Fortunately Thule kept this in mind when designing this rack.

Each rack post has a built in lock feature that allows you to keep your rack secure and theft-proof. Key is included.

This truck rack can transport a variety of gear using Thule's compatible board transport systems.

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