5 of the Best Surfboard Racks for Wall Mounting

If you’re looking for the best solution for how to store surfboards, these wall racks will help you store your surfboards safely.

You have two main options: a surfboard wall mount or a freestanding surfboard stands.

So if you’re interested in learning how to store your surfboards in a way that will also help keep them in great condition we have the perfect solution for you.

(The Ultimate Guide to Surfboard Racks)

1. GNARWALL Surfboard Hanger

surfboard racks for wall mounting

Are you tired of tripping over surfboards scattered on your floor?

Look no further than the GNARWALL, the world’s first hidden surfboard hanging system.

Not only does it clear up valuable floor space, but it also adds a touch of style to your surf shack with its available colorways.

The best part?

GNARWALL is made from eco-friendly materials and can accommodate most fin boxes, making it a great choice for environmentally conscious surfers.

Say goodbye to cluttered floors and welcome in the convenience of surfboard racks for wall mounting with GNARWALL.

2. GNARWALL Multi-Board Rack

surfboard racks for wall mounting

Are you tired of stacking your surfboards on the floor, risking scratches and dings?

Look no further than the environmentally friendly 6 board GNARWALL rack.

Designed for those with multiple surfboards in their quiver, this wall mount rack features removable arms for customized usage.

Made out of Baltic Birch, a sustainable wood choice, this rack is not only efficient but also environmentally conscious.

Foam padding protects your boards from any damage while being stored and allows for easy removal when it’s time to hit the waves. 

3. COR Bamboo Wall Rack

surfboard racks for wall mounting

Say goodbye to clutter and hello to easy accessibility with this wall-mounted surfboard rack by COR Surf.

Made of solid, sustainable bamboo, this rack not only focuses on environmental sustainability but also protects your board’s rails with its rubber strip.

Best of all, it’s incredibly easy to install.

No more struggling to find the perfect spot for your surfboard – simply mount this rack on any wall and you’re good to go!

It can hold any size surfboard, longboard, wakeboard, snowboard, or kiteboard, making it the perfect solution for all your surf storage needs.

So what are you waiting for?

Invest in this eco-friendly surfboard rack and take back control of your surf gear storage.

4. GNARWALL Horizontal Surfboard Rack

Are you looking for a surfboard rack that is not only functional, but also eco-friendly?

Look no further than the GNARWALL Horizontal Surfboard Rack.

Not only does each purchase come with everything needed to mount one board (including 2 hooks, 2 hangers, and hardware), but it also includes a neoprene lining on the hook to protect your precious boards while they hang.

By investing in this system, not only are you effectively storing your surfboards, but you are also helping to protect the environment.

So why not take a step towards sustainability with this hook and hanger system?

5. Hawaiian Gun Racks

surfboard racks for wall mounting

Look no further than the Original Hawaiian Gun Rack.

Handcrafted for durability and style, these wall mounts can support surfboards up to 30 pounds in weight.

Not only will they save space in your home or surf shop, but they also give your surfboard a unique “floating” look on the wall.

How do I install surfboard racks for wall mounting?

When it comes to surfboard racks for wall mounting, safety should always be a priority. Before installation, make sure the wall location is capable of supporting the weight of your surfboard(s). It may also be helpful to have a friend or family member assist in holding and hanging the racks during installation. Once you have chosen an appropriate location, use the included fasteners and mounting hardware to securely attach the surfboard racks to the wall.

It’s important to adhere to any additional guidelines noted in the instructions, such as spacing recommendations for multiple surfboards or storage capacity limits.

Taking extra precautions during installation will ensure that your surfboards are safely stored for years to come. 

What is the weight limit for surfboard racks for wall mounting?

When looking for surfboard racks for wall mounting, it is important to take into consideration the weight limit.

This information can typically be found in the product description or on the packaging.

It is important to check this before purchasing and installing the surfboard rack to ensure that it can hold the weight of your surfboards securely.

Some surfboard racks may have a lower weight limit and should only be used for one or two smaller surfboards, while others may have a higher weight limit and can hold multiple larger surfboards.

Consider the weight of your surfboards and do not overload the surfboard rack to avoid any accidents or damage to your boards or walls.

Investing in a surfboard rack with a suitable weight limit will ensure safe storage for your boards.

Which surfboards fit in surfboard racks for wall mounting?

When it comes to surfboard racks for wall mounting, the overall size and shape of your surfboard is the main factor in determining which surfboards will fit.

Generally speaking, shortboards and fish boards will fit easily into surfboard racks designed for wall mounting.

Longboards may require a surfboard rack specifically designed for them, or you may need to purchase additional attachments to securely mount your longboard on the wall.

Before purchasing a surfboard rack, double check their dimensions and whether they are compatible with your surfboard.

Once you have the right surfboard rack, enjoying a beautifully organized and prominently displayed collection of surfboards is just a few screws away. 

Can I use surfboard racks for wall mounting to store other items?

Surfboard racks designed for wall mounting can be a great solution for storing other types of boards as well.

Simply measure the width and thickness of your board and make sure it will fit within the dimensions of the surfboard rack.

You can also use padded straps or additional padding to protect your boards from scratches or damage.

Just make sure that the weight limit of the surfboard rack is sufficient for your items, and secure them properly before hanging them on the wall.

With some creative thinking and careful measurements, surfboard racks for wall mounting can provide a space-saving solution for storing all of your boards.

What are the different types of surfboard racks for wall mounting?

When it comes to surfboard storage, wall mounting racks are a great option as they keep boards off the ground, giving you more space and keeping them safe from damage. 

There are a variety of surfboard rack designs available, with different materials and styles to choose from.

Bamboo racks offer a stylish and eco-friendly option, while plastic or metal racks are durable and easily customizable.

For those who surf with longboards, there are also specifically designed surfboard racks that can accommodate larger boards.

No matter your preferences, there’s sure to be a surfboard wall rack that fits your needs.

Which surfboard rack is best for me?

Wall-mounted surfboard racks are a great option for surfers with limited storage space.

They allow you to hang your surfboards vertically on the wall, keeping them out of the way and freeing up floor space.

Some models even have padded arms to provide extra cushioning for your surfboards.

If you like to keep your surfboards organized and easily accessible, consider getting a surfboard rack with multiple arms that can hold multiple boards at once.

However, it’s important to check the weight limit of the surfboard rack before purchasing, as some may not be able to support heavier boards.

No matter which surfboard rack you choose, make sure it is easy for you to install and securely hold your boards in place.