How Much Should a Surfboard Cost (Explained)

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the different factors that affect the cost of a surfboard and explore why some boards are more expensive than others.

How much for a surfboard?

Short answer: The cost of a surfboard will depend on the quality of the surfboard. However, in general terms, most soft top surfboards are priced between $200 and 500 dollars; poly or epoxy boards usually fall within the $500 to $1000 range.

If its made by one of the best longboard shapers, it can range from $1000 to as much as $2000.

Key points about how much a surfboard cost

  • Variety in Price and Type: Surfboards vary significantly in price, from as low as $50 for soft top foam boards to over $2000 for custom-shaped performance boards, reflecting the wide range of options available for different skill levels and surfing styles.
  • Factors Influencing Cost: The cost of a surfboard is influenced by several key factors including the type of board, the materials used, the manufacturing process, and the design, with higher-quality materials and intricate designs leading to more expensive boards.
  • Choosing the Right Board: When selecting a surfboard, it’s important to consider your own skill level, the type of waves you plan to surf, and your budget, as there is a broad spectrum of surfboards designed to cater to different preferences and needs.

(The Ultimate Guide to Surfboards)

Surfboard Cost by Brand

BrandKey AttributesPrice Range
Channel IslandsHigh-performance surfboards$700 – $1,000+
FirewireInnovative technologies, sustainable materials$750 – $1,000+
Lost SurfboardsWide range of boards$700 – $950
JS IndustriesPopular among competitive surfers$675 – $900
HaydenshapesInnovative designs like Hypto Krypto$775 – $1,100
TorqDurability and affordability$450 – $700
WavestormAffordable foam surfboards$100 – $250
BIC SportDurable and easy to use$300 – $600
PukasHigh-quality European brand$700 – $1,000
Lib TechEco-friendly and durable$700 – $950
  1. Channel Islands: Known for high-performance surfboards, prices for new boards range from around $700 to over $1,000, depending on the model and customization options.
  2. Firewire: Firewire is recognized for its innovative technologies and sustainable materials. Their surfboards typically range from $750 to $1,000, with some special editions and collaborations being higher.
  3. Lost Surfboards: Lost offers a wide range of boards from shortboards to funboards. Prices for new Lost surfboards usually fall between $700 and $950.
  4. JS Industries: This Australian brand is popular among competitive surfers. Their boards generally range from $675 to around $900.
  5. Haydenshapes: Known for the Hypto Krypto and other innovative designs, Haydenshapes’ boards are usually priced between $775 and $1,100.
  6. Torq: Torq surfboards are known for their durability and affordability, with prices ranging from $450 to $700. They offer a good option for beginners to intermediate surfers.
  7. Wavestorm: Wavestorm is at the more affordable end of the spectrum, known for their foam surfboards. A new Wavestorm board can cost between $100 and $250, making them a popular choice for beginners.
  8. BIC Sport: BIC Sport surfboards are designed for durability and ease of use, with prices typically ranging from $300 to $600. They are a good option for beginners and schools.
  9. Pukas: This European brand offers a range of high-quality surfboards with prices generally ranging from $700 to $1,000, depending on the model.
  10. Lib Tech: Known for their eco-friendly manufacturing process and durable boards, Lib Tech surfboards are priced from $700 to $950.

What goes into the cost of a surfboard?

The cost of a surfboard can vary depending on several factors, including the type of surfboard, the manufacturing process, and the materials used.

Type of surfboard

The type of surfboard is one of the most important factors that determine the cost.

Different materials and shapes influence how a board performs in the water and will affect its price accordingly.

Generally speaking, soft top foam boards are the cheapest, followed by poly and epoxy boards, with the performance boards being the most expensive.

Manufacturing process

The manufacturing process can have a big impact on the cost of a surfboard.

For instance, handcrafted boards from local shapers typically cost more than mass-produced models.

This is because handcrafted boards are made using a more labor-intensive process, which requires higher quality materials and more man-hours to complete.

Materials used

Surfboard Materials and Cost

Surfboard Materials and Their Cost

Material Description Cost Range
Foam (Soft Top) Lightweight and great for beginners $100 – $250
Fiberglass Classic surfboard material, durable and smooth ride $500 – $900
Epoxy Lighter and stronger than fiberglass, suitable for all levels $600 – $1,200

The materials used in the construction of a surfboard will also affect its cost.

High-end boards are usually made from strong yet lightweight materials such as carbon fiber or fiberglass, while cheaper models may use foam or plastic.


The design of a surfboard also plays a role in its overall cost.

Boards with intricate designs or custom artwork will often cost more than those with simpler, streamlined shapes.

Additionally, boards that feature advanced technology such as fins and straps may also be more expensive.

While there is no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to how much a surfboard costs, understanding the different elements that influence pricing can help you make an informed decision when buying your next board.

So, when you’re in the market for a new surfboard, make sure to do your research and always consider factors such as the type of board, manufacturing process, materials used, and design.

This way you can ensure you get the best board for your budget and enjoy the maximum performance in the waves!

The different types of surfboards and their prices

There are a variety of surfboards out there, and the prices can range significantly.

Surfboard Cost Factors Chart

Soft Top Foam Boards

$50 – $200
Beginner-friendly, lower durability

Fish Boards

$350 – $600
Greater maneuverability


$300 – $1,000+
Stable, ideal for beginners


$300 – $1,000+
Quick turns, high maneuverability

Poly or Epoxy Boards

$200 – $1,000
Durable materials, longer lifespan

Custom-shaped Performance Boards

$1,000 – $2,000
High-quality materials, intricate designs

Soft Top Foam Boards

Soft top foam boards are popular among beginners and those on a budget.

These boards are usually the cheapest, with prices ranging from around $50 to $200.

The materials used in these boards are usually lower quality but they’re great for those just starting.

Soft-top foam boards are also lighter and easier to transport than other types of boards.

One downside to these boards is that they may not last as long as higher-quality boards, but they’re a great option for those just starting or looking to save money.

Fish boards

If you’re thinking about taking up surfing, you may be wondering what kind of board to buy.

One option to consider is a fish board. Fish boards typically cost between $350 and $600 and offer greater maneuverability than other types of boards.

They’re often used in small to medium waves and are ideal for beginners or experienced surfers alike.

One of the main benefits of a fish board is that it’s relatively easy to control.

This makes it a great choice for those who are just starting. In addition, fish boards are also quite versatile and can be used in a variety of different waves.

So if you’re looking for a board that will offer you a great deal of flexibility, a fish board may be the right choice for you.


Longboard surfboards are the most popular type of surfboard and can cost anywhere from $300 to over $1,000. 

Longboarding is one of the most popular surfing disciplines, and boards in this category range from 9 to 12 feet in length.

They are often wider and heavier than traditional surfboards, which makes them more stable and better suited for riding waves with a gentle face.

Longboards are also ideal for performing surfing maneuvers such as noseriding and hanging ten.

While they are generally more expensive than shortboards, longboards offer a wider range of performance capabilities, making them a good choice for beginners and experienced surfers alike.

Whether you’re just starting or you’re looking to take your surfing to the next level, a longboard is a great investment.


Deciding what kind of surfboard to buy can be a daunting task, especially if you’re just starting.

But fear not, we’re here to help.

One of the most popular types of the surfboard is the shortboard.

Shortboards are great for quick turns and maneuverability, and they range in price from $300 to over $1,000.

If you’re just starting, we recommend opting for a cheaper model until you get a feel for the sport.

However, if you’re an experienced surfer, you might want to invest in a more expensive board that will offer better performance.

Whatever route you choose, we guarantee you’ll have a blast riding the waves on your new shortboard.


A funboard or mid-length board is a great option for beginners who are looking to get into surfing.

These boards typically cost between $350 and $500, making them a more affordable option than a traditional longboard.

Funboards and mid-length boards are also easier to maneuver than longer boards, making them a good choice for those who are just starting.

However, one downside of these boards is that they are not as stable as longer boards, so they may not be ideal for larger waves.

But overall, a funboard or mid-length board is a great option for those who are just getting into surfing.

Poly or Epoxy boards

These boards are usually made from more durable materials and have a longer lifespan, with prices ranging from $200 to $1000.

Poly or epoxy boards are made from more durable materials, so they last longer.

Prices for these boards range from $200 to $1000.

If you’re looking for a board that will withstand heavy usage, a poly or epoxy board is a good option.

These boards are also less likely to fade in direct sunlight, so they’ll look good for years to come.

When choosing a poly or epoxy board, be sure to consider the size and weight of the board, as well as the intended use.

Custom-shaped performance boards

Performance boards are typically made from higher-quality materials and will usually cost anywhere between $1000 and $2000.

They’re designed for more experienced surfers who want the best performance in the waves.

Overall, the cost of a surfboard will depend on the type of board, the manufacturing process, who the shaper is, and the materials used.

How to choose the right surfboard for you

When choosing a surfboard, it’s important to consider your skill level and the type of waves you plan on riding.

Longboards are best suited for beginners or those looking for an easy ride in small waves.

Fish boards provide more maneuverability and are great for experienced surfers who want to catch larger waves.

Shortboards are great for experienced surfers who want to do more advanced tricks in bigger waves.

No matter what type of board you choose, make sure to get one that is the right size and shape for your body type and skill level.

Where to buy a surfboard

Surfboards are available at a variety of retailers, both in-person and online.

Local surf shops are a great place to start, as they typically carry a wide selection of boards and can provide helpful advice on what type of board is best for your individual needs.

Sporting goods stores also typically carry a small selection of surfboards, though they may be geared more towards the beginner or intermediate riders.

For the largest selection of boards, however, you’ll likely want to shop with an online retailer.

Some online retailers specialize in surfboards, while others carry a wide range of sporting equipment.

Amazon has a large variety of foam surfboards.

How much should you spend on your first surfboard?

When you’re first starting out surfing, it’s important to choose a surfboard that meets your needs and abilities.

But with so many options on the market, it can be hard to know where to start.

One important factor to consider is cost.

Surfboards can range in price from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand, so it’s important to have a budget in mind before you start shopping.

If you’re just getting started, you’ll likely want to purchase a used surfboard or a foam board, which are both more affordable options.

As you become more experienced, you may want to upgrade to a higher-quality board.

But no matter what kind of surfboard you choose, make sure it’s one that you’re comfortable riding and that will help you enjoy the waves.

How much does it cost to start surfing?

For those who have always wanted to surf, the cost of starting can be a bit daunting.

Fortunately, most of the equipment necessary to start surfing is relatively affordable.

Essential items such as a wetsuit and fins will cost around $150, while a used surfboard can be found for as little as $300.

If you’d rather buy a new board, prices range from $400-$1000 depending on the type and materials used.

Of course, you’ll also need to factor in safety equipment such as a leash and booties, as well as other accessories like wax and storage solutions.

The cost of surfboard storage options

Most dings and damage happen out of the water, so it pays to have a proper standing surfboard rack or wall rack for your boards.

When it comes to surfing, the cost of gear can be a major barrier for beginners.

Surfboard racks can range from $50-$200, depending on the size and type of rack you choose.

A surfboard bag is a cheaper option and offers more flexibility than a rack, but it will not provide as much protection.

Ultimately, the cost of starting surfing depends largely on your budget and goals – also need to be taken into consideration, such as racks for your garage or a surfboard bag for travel.

Also, you have to think about homemade surf racks for your car or truck.

Ways to save money when you’re getting started surfing

A surfboard itself can range anywhere from $200 to $1000, and that’s not including the wetsuit, fins, and other gear that you’ll need.

Getting into surfing can be a bit of a pricey endeavor, but there are ways to save money.

For example, many surf schools offer rentals of all the necessary gear for a reasonable price.

In addition, there are often used surfboards and gear available for purchase at a fraction of the cost of new items.

Finally, consider buying a used surfboard.

Used boards are often significantly cheaper than new ones and can still provide plenty of fun in the waves.

With a little bit of research, it is possible to get started in surfing without breaking the bank.

Is it worth buying a beginner surfboard?

When it comes to surfboards, there are a lot of factors to consider.

One important factor is cost.

Beginner surfboards can range in price from around $200 to $500, depending on the brand and quality.

While this may seem like a lot of money, it’s important to remember that a surfboard is a big investment.

It’s also worth noting that beginner surfboards are generally made of softer materials, which means they’re more likely to ding or break.

As a result, it’s often better to choose a cheaper board when you’re first starting.

That way, you can get a feel for the sport without breaking the bank.