5 Essential surf workout exercises to improve your surfing

In this guide we'll show you five surf workout exercises to help you become a better surfer.

Surfing is a pretty unique sport—paddling requires muscles that a lot of people wouldn’t normally use.

Even just sitting on your board in the water improves your core stability more than anything else.

Surfing requires core control, as well as endurance of the arms, back, and lungs.

Also, you need strength in your legs.

While standing on an unstable surface.

Surfing often is the best way to get stronger, but that other types of a surf workout training such as yoga can help improve your balance and flexibility.

Creating your own surf workout at home that includes some sort of interval training is an awesome way to get you ready for surfing.

We've put together some of the easiest surf workout exercises.

One of the best beginner surfing tips is to religiously start your surf workout.

Blend them together to create circuits that alternate between an upper-body exercise and a lower-body exercise.

Remembering to include a short rest period.

It’s like catching longboard waves.

Paddle, ride, and paddle.

Surfing is a full-body sport that requires training and discipline.

Here are seven strength-building exercises to increase endurance on the water.

Having evolved from humble beginnings to huge mainstream popularity, surfing is and probably always will be a highly enjoyable and rewarding pastime.

Being alone on your board with nothing around you aside from water, finally finding that perfect wave and getting on top of it will give you the highest natural high.

We recommend these surf workout exercises to strengthen your surfing muscles.

The Most effective surf workout exercises

Surfing is, while fun, is also demanding on the body.

Improving your strength and endurance will only help you enjoy surfing even.

Making your surf sessions last longer in the water.

Here are a collection of some of the most effective surf workout exercises you can get started with.

1. Pull-ups and chin-ups to improve your paddling

surf workout pull up

You use more upper body strength in surfing than you think.

Few things are more limiting for a surfer missing waves because you were too tired to paddle.

This is where upper-body training makes all the difference.

One of the best exercises for surfers is doing chin-ups.

If you don't already routinely do chin-ups, you should start by using a chin-up bar.

Grab the bar with your hands right above your shoulders (palms facing in) and proceed to lift yourself until your chin gets above the bar.

Ideally, you should work up to being able to do three sets of ten reps each.

Only giving yourself a minute's break between them.

If you can only do one or two to start, no worries. just do three sets of as many reps as you can to start.

2. Front squats to improve your balance

surf workout squats

Squats help you stay on your surfboard.

Doing squats will not only improve your surfing technique but will help your posture and endurance.

Each squat surf workout should include four sets of 25 squats each.

Just use your own bodyweight.

3. Running exercises to increase your endurance in the water

Any endurance-building exercise routine includes lots of cardio, including those for surf workout fitness.

The most straightforward way to increase your physical endurance is to simply run.

Running will boost your lung capacity, keep you at optimum weight, and strengthen your legs, all of these being necessary if you want to be out there catching waves all day long.

Run for 30 minutes three times a week.

4. Pushups to make you a stronger paddler

The pushup is a surf workout exercise every surfer should do.

It's great because it works on multiple muscle groups at once.

Building your upper body and core strength will do you a world of good as you paddle your way to a wave, go for a duck dive, and quickly pop up on the surfboard.

After getting used to pushup is done, you can start by doing as many as you can and gradually increase that number as your fitness goes up.

If you feel like making them more challenging for your surf workout, you can elevate your legs or add wear a weighted vest.

5. Dumbbell exercises

Using dumbbells is a great method for surfers.

Dumbbells create more dynamic range and mimic the reality of surfing in real life.

They're also incredibly versatile, as you can find a dumbbell-based exercise for virtually any muscle group.

You can increase your arm and upper-body strength with military presses, curls, and tricep presses.

Bending over at a 90-degree angle and doing rowing movements with a dumbbell in each hand will increase your core and back strength.

Begin small by doing five reps per arm and work your way up as you increase your strength.

You can also do pushups and squats while holding dumbbells, as well as seemingly endless variations for every part of your body.

BONUS Surf Workout: Planking to help improve your core strength and maneuverability in the water

surf workout planks

Having a strong core is essential to your endurance and surfing technique.

Although from the outside it looks like you're not doing much, planking is extremely hard to do for more than a few seconds and fires up every muscle in your body.

Although it’s frequently overlooked, core strength is at the core of surfing.

You use your core to stabilize your body position the entire time you’re paddling, popping up, and riding down the face.

Commonly, surfers focus on the upper body to help with paddle strength, and that’s great.

However, it’s not the only training you should be focused on.

Doing it right is simply a matter of positioning yourself belly-down as you would when doing pushups, but instead of pushing yourself up and down, you simply keep your body perfectly straight while supporting yourself with your forearms.

Keep it up for as long as you can and as often as you can, and pretty soon you'll feel the results.

Any physical activity gets more fun as you build up your fitness levels, and surfing is no different.

Having a constant fitness routine that focuses on all these exercises will dramatically improve your surfing endurance, and pretty soon you'll be able to ride the waves for hours on end.

Surf workout videos

If you would like more advanced ideas for other kinds of surf workout exercises, check out this collection of surf workout videos.

Our favorite is Mick Fanning's workout.

Fortunately, this 30-minute home workout kills two birds with one stone.

You can build upper body and core strength using only body weight, and you don’t even need to head to the gym.

Please use caution when attempting this workout routine.