Surf in Maui at these 10 great surf spots

There is no shortage of great surf in Maui.

In this articles we're going to share 10 great places to surf in Maui.

Keep in mind that these spots usually serve up great conditions for beginners.

However, during certain seasons, some of these surf spots should only be surfed by more advanced surfers.

The surf in Maui consists of some of the best beginners waves.

Essentially, Maui has the most beginner surf spots than any other Hawaiian Islands.

TIP: If you're just getting started as a beginner surfer, stick to waves under 3 feet.

Also try to avoid surf spots with a lot of people surfing.

Always keep an eye out for natures obstacles, such as reef, rocks and rip tides.

Let's get started.

The following areas are considered great beginners areas to surf in Maui.

1. Launiupoko

Launiupoko is a surf break in West Maui.

You can get there from the Honoapiilani Highway.

Which is about 10 minutes south of Lahaina.

Keep an eye out for a sign past mile marker 18. Launiupoko is popular for having some of the best longboard waves.

Which is great for families, SUP, and of course, longboarders.

2. Olowalu

Olowalu is one of best known beginner to intermediate area to surf in Maui.

Located in West Maui, it’s a great place for beginners learning during the summer season.

In the Summer, the waves are small and steady.

Generally, Olowalu is a beginner and intermediate area to surf in Maui.

So if it's your first time surfing ever, then avoid surfing here.

If you do decide to surf here, you'll have a better time if you have some experience.

Though, if you don't the take a few surf lessons in Maui to get you up to the level you need to be at.

3. Paia Bay

Paia Bay in Paia is known to be a great beginner area to surf in Maui.

A great option to visit when Ho’okipa is too big. Try to avoid this in the summer months as it's not a great surf spot during that season.

When waves are small, Paia Bay offers a sandy beach to paddle out from and several small peaks.

Just know that the waves here are known to sometimes look bigger than they really are.

Don't worry, they putter out before they break.

4. Kaanapali Beach

Kaanapali Beach is a beautiful surf spot in Kaanapali just outside the Kaanapali Alii.

The easiest point of reference is the Marriot, which the beach is just to the right of.

Every year this beach is typically rated by a magazine as a being among the most beautiful.

Another perk is that it's a great place to take a classic Maui surf lesson as well.

5. The Cove

The Cove at Kalama Beach Park in Kihei is the most beginner friendly spot to surf in Maui.

It's essentially Maui's own Waikiki.

Getting regular small and friendly waves for most of the months of the year.

However, there are some days where the conditions aren't ideal for beginners.

6. Breakwall

Breakwall is by Front Street in Lahaina and south of the harbor.

The surf conditions are typically okay for beginners.

When the waves are small, it’s a great spot to learn to take one of the many Maui surf lessons in the Westside.

However, during the summer months, the conditions at Breakwall are too big for beginners.

7. Puamana Beach Park

Puamana Beach Park is a beginner surf break just south of Lahaina right past mile marker 19.

Rides tend to be short and the waves often close out (meaning the wave breaks all at once instead of right to left or left to right).

However, it’s not a bad spot to work on standing up on the wave.

The paddle out is so short that it allows for many waves with little fatigue.

8. Grandma’s

Grandma’s is the only surf break in Maui next to a campground.

You could definitely plan an original trip to camp and surf in Maui.

There is a nice surf spot at Papalaua Park.

To get to Grandma’s, turn off on the left on Honoapiilani Highway (after the tunnel).

You'll find great surf in Maui between mile markers 11 and 11.5.

Just know there are very few amenities.

Usually just porta-potties and trashcans. You can find rentals in Kihei or Lahaina.

Which are each about a 15-20 minute drive in either directions.

9. Guardrails

Guardrails can be found right off the  Honoapiilani Highway.

Roughly 5 minutes south of Lahaina.

Right in between mile markers 18 and 19.

This surf spot is named Guardrails because the waves literally break along the guardrail of the Highway.

Typically, this spot isn't too crowded.

Often this spot is frequented by longboarders and paddleboarders.

10. Thousand Peaks

Thousand Peaks is aptly named for its seemingly endless peaks.

Located at mile marker 12 at Ukumehame Beach Park off Honoapiilani Highway, “Thousands” refers to a stretch of surf breaks with numerous peaks and waves breaking all over, both rights and lefts.

The biggest problem here is a long paddle out and getting caught inside is inevitable for a surfer.

It refers to being trapped in the spot where waves are breaking and can be solved by paddling out in a horseshoe shape, right or left and then back around, rather than straight out.

Hawaii and surfing go hand in hand.

Out of all four major islands, Maui is arguably the best for a beginner surfer.

The waves rarely get too large due to island blocking from Lanai, Molokai and the Big Island.

More so, the localism isn’t nearly as much of a problem as long as one stays in beginner areas.

The best part about the surf in Maui is the lack of people in the water.

While Waikiki is what people first think of as classic Hawaii surfing, surf in Maui has a great variety of surf spots for intermediate surfers.

You'll definitely enjoy Maui if you want to get better at surfing.