Bodyboard vs Boogie Board

bodyboard vs boogie board

Bodyboarding, more commonly referred to as Boogieboarding among its participants, is a water sport in which the surfer uses the face and curl of a wave to propel them toward shore. Bodyboard vs Boogie Board: What is the difference? Boogie boards and bodyboards are the same! The relationship can be compared to Kleenex and tissue …

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How to stop surfboard yellowing

surfboard yellowing

You can stop surfboard yellowing by properly cleaning and waxing your surfboard regularly, avoiding direct sunlight exposure for long periods, and using protective surfboard bags when not in use. One of the biggest threats to your surfboard’s health is yellowing. Yellowing occurs when the surfboard’s fiberglass starts to degrade and break down, causing the board …

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Surfboard Tail Shapes Explained

surfboard tail shapes explained

Finally, surfboard tail shapes explained in a simple way! There are many different types of surfboard tail shapes, and each one has its unique benefits and drawbacks. Some surfers prefer one shape over another, while others will mix and match different shapes to create their perfect surfboard. Also check out our guide on how much …

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How much does a surfboard cost?

surfboard cost

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the different factors that affect the cost of a surfboard and explore why some boards are more expensive than others. How much for a surfboard? Short answer: The cost of a surfboard will depend on the quality of the surfboard. However, in general terms, most soft …

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9 of the Best Surf Hats

best surf hats FCS

Surf hats shield your face and neck from harmful UV rays. A good surf hat can be just as effective as sunscreen at protecting your skin. There are a variety of different hats to choose from, so it’s important to find one that is best suited to your needs. What is the best surf hat? …

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The Best Surf Tide Watches Under 100

best surf tide watches under 100

Looking for the best surf tide watches under 100? We got you covered in this guide. Luckily, you don’t have to fork out a paycheck for the newest Apple watch. There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing the best surf tide watch. Not only do you want to find a timepiece that …

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What is the Best Surfboard for New Jersey

best surfboard for new jersey

If you’re just getting started with surfing, the best surfboard for new jersey may not be what you think. While the state’s waves might not be as big as those found on the West Coast, they can still pack a punch – and you’ll want a board that can help you handle them. Also check …

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8 Brands Like Roxy (Surf Inspired)

brands like roxy

Roxy is a brand known for its beach-inspired clothing. Over time, many other brands like Roxy have opened up. Roxy was founded in the surfing community, and their clothes reflect that heritage. You can find everything from bikinis to board shorts to dresses on their website, all of which are perfect for a day at …

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5 of the Best Surfboard Racks for Jeep Wrangler Owners

surfboard racks for jeep wrangler

Are you a Jeep Wrangler owner with an itch to surf? Then you’re probably looking for a surfboard rack that can hold your board securely while you drive. Surfboard racks for Jeep Wrangler owners like you aren’t the easiest to find. There are many different surfboard racks on the market, but we’ve selected 5 of …

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An Easy Guide to Hanging Surfboards from Ceilings

hanging surfboards from ceiling

Are you looking for a way to display your surfboard, but want it completely out of the way? Hanging surfboards from ceiling is a great way to show it off and keep it out of the way. You can use hanging mounts or brackets to do this, and there are many different types available on …

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What is a fish surfboard? 7 Reasons it might be for you

what is a fish surfboard

If you’re a surfer, you know that there are different types of boards for different types of waves and conditions. We recently wrote about the best surfboard types for beginners, and the best foam surfboards for beginners. You might have a longboard for cruising the beach break, a shortboard for bombing down the line in …

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2 Easy Riding Surfboard Types For Beginners

surfboard types for beginners

Are you a beginner surfer wondering what the best surfboard types for beginners are? The most important thing to consider when choosing a surfboard is its size. A surfboard that is too small or too large will make it difficult for the beginner to stay on the board and surf. There are three main surfboard …

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