How to Get and Accurate Surf Forecast

In this quick guide we rounded up all the the most used surf forecast apps out there.

The most popular app used by surfers is Swell Navigator.

There are a variety of surf forecast apps available, all of which are accurate in predicting surf conditions.

However, each app uses different forecasting models, so it is recommended to use multiple apps to get the most accurate forecast.

This app provides alerts for your favorite breaks and conditions, so that you can be one of the first to know when the waves are good.

Let's dive deeper into what each app can do.

1. Magic Seaweed Surf Forecast

MagicSeaweed surf forecast apps

The oldest, most popular, and most thorough free long-range surf forecast on the internet is MSW (Magic Seaweed).

MSW can assist you in predicting when and where you'll catch more of the right waves across the world regardless of your surfing ability.

Every month 1.5 million surfers all around the globe look at MSW before heading out to sea.

MSW isn't about directing you to a certain destination or telling you when to depart; instead, it provides you with all of the tools necessary to become your own surf forecaster.

MSW forecasts are updated four times a day, consisting of live human reporters who provide real-time information.

MSW is highly reliable due to its ten years of experience and the continual development and tuning of its data.

Surf contest directors for some of the world's most popular brands–Rip Curl, Quiksilver, Billabong, O'Neill, Roxy and Swatch–trust our data to plan their events.

The same technologies that they use to make decisions for ASP World Tour are available here for free.

MSW is the perfect beach weather service for those who love to travel.

With information on almost 3,000 beaches in 180 countries, it's easy to find the right spot at the right time.

Plus, with Stormrider surf guide details, historical and seasonal conditions, and hundreds of thousands of photographs, you can be sure you're making the most of your trip.

2. Surfline Surf Report

Surfline surf forecast apps

Surfline, as one of the most well-known surf report and surf forecast businesses in the globe, is a must-have for many a surfer.

With a straightforward forecast summary and rating system, Surfline keeps things simple for newcomers.

If you're a seasoned pro, you may find all the information you need about your local breaks or exotic travel destinations.

That is simply the top.

The Surfline app is essentially a simplified version of their website.

You can check live surf conditions on Surfline's network of 300+ global HD cameras, obtain real-time surf reports twice a day, receive interactive maps to help you locate breaks with optimum conditions, and build your list of favorite waves to check out the weather at once.

And that's just for starters.

3. Coastal Watch Surf Report

coastal watch surf forecast app

Coastal Watch is the most popular surf forecast website in Australia.

They have information about the weather for a long time.

This helps people know when it is good to go surfing in different parts of Australia, India , the Maldives, and other countries.

Coastal Watch has a three-day current conditions chart that shows wave height, swell direction and period, wind direction and speed, and tide information.

The wind charts are in different colors: blue and green mean good winds while yellow, orange, and red mean bad winds.

4. Swell Net

swellnet surf forecast apps

Swell Net is another popular website that provides surf forecasts for Australia.

It also offers surf forecasts for other parts of the world, but these reports may not be updated as often.

The exception is Indonesia, which seems to have regular updates.

Unfortunately, there are no surf forecasts available for the Americas.

Swell Net provides daily surf reports to help you find the best waves.

They tell you what the conditions are like early in the morning and then again in the afternoon.

They also give forecast notes so you know what to expect and where to find good waves.

5. Surf2Surf Surf Forecast

surf2surf surf forecast apps

Surf2Surf is New Zealand's most popular and reliable surf report and surf forecast sites and applications.

Surf2Surf delivers everything you need to know about the state of the waves in an aesthetically pleasing and simple-to-understand format.

6. Sherpa Surf App

sherpa surf forecasts app

Sherpa is a New Zealand-based app that uses GPS to find the nearest breaks.

It then compares up to 40 spots at a time and tells you about them in an easy-to-use format.

You can see the present conditions, ideal conditions, and a six-day forecast for each break.

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7. Swell Navigator

swell navigator surf forecasts app

Do you ever feel like you spend more time looking at surf forecasts than actually surfing?

If you're nodding your head right now, then let me introduce to you the Swell Navigator app.

With this app, simply set up alerts for your favorite breaks and conditions, so that way whenever those ideal waves are rolling in, you'll be one of the first to know.

8. Nobody Surf

It's our way of showing gratitude and appreciation for surf culture, communities, and artists' craft. It's a love letter to all creators on the planet.

As we develop and wish to help more individuals, we'll reintroduce ourselves again.

NobodySurf was formed as a result of pure admiration for stunning surf videos produced by people all around the world.

They're big, modern, classic, fast, or slow; they're all pieces of art that move us in one way or another.

However, these videos scattered across the internet and with an abundance of information available, finding the beautiful ones might be a difficult task.

They feel there is a need for a unifying space for people who enjoy surfing.

As a result, they created a special area where creators can showcase their work, gain exposure, and collaborate with us to create amazing edits.

They made it incredibly simple for viewers to find and enjoy these fantastic pieces indexed right into their hand-picked playlist.

There are two ways you can watch surf videos filmed in Costa Rica.

You can use the search function, or if you want to watch a specific video, you can look at the data for that video.

9. Endangered Waves

Endangered Waves is a smartphone app that encourages and empowers surfers to keep track of the health of their beaches.

The Save the Waves Coalition developed it.

The Endangered waves app is a way for surfers and other ocean-lovers to take action on issues affecting the coast.

If you see an environmental issue at the beach, like an oil spill or erosion, take a photo with your phone and post it to the app.

Select a category that describes the situation, and your report will be sent to people who can help address the problem.

Save the Waves will receive your report and take appropriate action to help resolve the specific issue.

The data collected will eventually help scientists, local NGOs, and government agencies address significant challenges our oceans are facing.

Endangered Waves is a crowdsourced activism group working effectively towards a common goal.

10. DA Surf Engine

DA Surf Engine is essentially a dating app for waves.

DA Surf Engine app helps you find the right waves for you.

You can search for different types of waves based on your skill and preference.

This app also helps you save time by providing information on over 8,000 surf breaks around the world.

So whether you are looking for a break near you or one for your next trip, this app will have the perfect wave for you.

Common questions about these surf forecast apps

Which surf forecast is the most accurate?

All of the apps mentioned in the content are accurate in predicting surf conditions.

However, each app utilizes different forecasting models, so it is recommended to use multiple apps to get a more accurate forecast.

What app do surfers use?

The most popular surf forecast app used by surfers is Swell Navigator.

This app provides alerts for your favorite breaks and conditions, so that you can be one of the first to know when the waves are good.

How reliable is a surf forecast?

The reliability of a surf forecast is dependent on the forecasting model used by the app.

However, all of the apps mentioned in the content use reliable forecasting models, so you can be confident in the accuracy of their predictions.

Which is more accurate Magic Seaweed or Surfline?

Both Magic Seaweed and Surfline are accurate in predicting surf conditions, but they utilize different forecasting models.

It is recommended to use multiple apps to get a more accurate forecast.

What is a good wave height for beginner surfers?

A good wave height for beginner surfers is 2-4 feet.

This will allow them to paddle into the waves and get up on their board without getting too much air.