The Siargao surf guide

Welcome to the Siargao surf guide!

Among all the areas for Philippines surfing, Siargao surf is known worldwide for its clean right-hand reef break, Cloud 9.

Cloud 9 is one of the best surf sports in comparison to other Siargao surf spots.

Great for advanced to beginner surfers alike.

Explore the Siargao surf around the island and you’ll meet expats from around the world who ended up staying indefinitely in Siargao.

It's easy to fall in love with Siargao. 

There are a variety of Siargao surf spots plus a variety of other natural activities to explore.

Such as natural pools, hidden lagoons, lush countryside, and many cool places to hang out and dine with friends.

What attracts most people is the Siargao surf spots that consist of reef breaks great for advanced surfers, to easy waves great for beginners.

Siargao surf spots: Best time to visit

The Siargao surfing season starts in September and lasts until May, while peaking from November to February where perfect barrels become a regular occurrence at the lineup.

Surfing in the Philippines may be only in its early stages when compared to the rest of the world.

However, in past few years, there has been some steady growth in it's surf awareness.

Filipinos are becoming a powerful presence in international surfing competitions.

If you are planning a surf adventure in Siargao, don't just assume Siargao surf spots are the only one in the country.

There are a variety of other surfing spots in the country as well.

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If I had to describe surfing to someone, it would include the word ecstasy.

Siargao surf exists in a tropical island paradise known for its surfing in the Pearl of the Orient Seas.

Its just one small island among the 7000 that make up the Philippines.

Yet Siargao boasts a unique mix of excellent surfing, relaxed vibes, deserted beaches, warm water, and a practically unlimited supply of fresh coconuts.

If you’re a surfer, or want to learn, you really need to visit Siargao.

Most people spend a minimum of a month exploring and surfing in the Philippines.

That's how much there is to do and see.

Siargao surf is in a tropical paradise

So where exactly is Siargao Island?

Siargao is in the South East area of the Philippines.

With only a small airport, you can fly directly from Cebu.

Another possibility is taking a three hour ferry from the city of Surigao (SURIGAO and SIARGAO sound similar but are not the same).

We recommend flying from Cebu to Siargao Island.

You'll take a fun small plane by Cebu Pacific Airways.

Once you're in Siargao, it’s easy to take a shuttle to General Luna.

General Luna is Siargao island's main surf town where you'll probably get a hotel or AirBnB in.

During the 40-minute drive from the airport, you'll enjoy taking in the view of what life on Siargao is like.

Seeing thatched roofed homes on stilts, rice fields, and dense tropical forests. 

You'll also probably see Carabao (water buffalo) hanging out near the road in fields.

What really sets Siargao surf apart from other islands in the Philippines the amount of surf spots.

There are 15+ unique surf spots in Siargao.

From beginner breaks to more advanced.

We also recommend renting a scooter with a surfboard rack for around $5-$8 USD a day.

This is the easiest way for you to experience all the Siargao surf spots with total freedom.

Rending a decent surfboard is also around $5-$8 USD a day.

Although, you might have a hard time finding a great surfboard, most of the boards available are just okay.

If you wish to surf way offshore, there are local outrigger boats you can rent.

These boats are called bancas.

Usually these cost around $5 USD per person. 

The local operating the boat will hang out on the boat or also join in on the surf session.

Siargao Surf Breaks

There are a variety of Siargao surf spots.

Here are the main ones:

Cloud 9

Cloud 9 is the most popular Siargao surf break on the island.

This is usually the location of surf competitions when they're on the island.

It’s a powerful high-tide reef break offering up left and right tubes.

Take note that Cloud 9 is only for advanced surfers.


Located next to Cloud 9, this wave is smaller, but still breaks on the same shallow reef.

It can often be crowded.


Best at low to mid tide, Stimpy’s is an ideal break if you like lefts.

It’s a 10-minute boat ride offshore.

There are two breaks here, the inside one is larger.

Rock Island

Nearby to Stimpy’s is Rock Island, pictured in the first image.

A similar setup only this one is a right, and only good when the wind is just right.

It’s a sweet spot for photos with that giant rocky outcropping in the background.

Daku Reef

An offshore break called Daku.

A The current is strong though, so it can be a long paddle back after you catch one.


Best during the low tide.

Cemetery is located in front of an real cemetery!

You're paddling skills need to be great because you'll be paddling 15-minutes from the shore to get to the break.

The perk of all this paddling is surfing with no crowd.


Many surfing lessons in Siargao take place here.

There are also a lot of locals surfing here too.

Resulting in crowds on the beach and in the break.

Just a quick 15-minute scooter ride away from the town of General Luna.

G1 is best at high tide and breaks left and right.

Sometimes there's another small break popping off next to it.

Final thought about Siargao surf spots

Even if you haven't surfed before or you're just okay at it, you'll quickly become better here.

Due to the large amount of good waves, it'll make it easier for you to practice.

Noticeably improving every day you're in the tropical Siargao surf!

While the waves are rockin’ at Siargao year round, most people who visit for surfing do so in the fall season during September and October.

You’ll find all kinds of unique places to rent.

From cheap surf backpacker hostels, unique bungalows and guesthouses, to expensive surf resorts.

The chilled out lifestyle in Siargao, affordability, and 15+ surf spots, create a perfect island surf adventure.