Siargao Surf Season (Things You Should Know)

Siargao is a great place to surf all year round, but the best time to visit for waves is from October-May.

The island has a variety of breaks that will suit beginner to advanced surfers.

Since Siargao is an island off the north eastern coast of Mindanao, the best time to surf is during Siargao’s offshore season which is from October-May.

The waves during this time are more consistent and there are a variety of breaks that will suit beginner to advanced surfers.

When is the Siargao surf season?

The surfing season in Siargao starts in September and usually lasts until May.

The best conditions are from November to February. Siargao is becoming a popular surfing destination because of the good waves and the locals who are doing well in competitions.

If you're planning a trip specifically to go surfing, don't forget to check out other great spots around the country.

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Some people say it's paradise because of its great surfing and beaches.

There are 7000 islands in the Philippines, and Siargao is just one of them. Siargao is a good place to relax and have fun.

It's also a good place for surfers of all levels.

If you like any of these things, plan to spend at least a month exploring everything that Siargao and surfing in the Philippines have to offer.

Siargao surf season: The best surf breaks

There are a variety of Siargao surf spots.

Here are the main ones:

Cloud 9

Cloud 9 is the famous surf break on Siargao.

This is the place where surf competitions are often held.

It is a powerful high-tide reef break that offers left and right tubes.

However, it should be noted that Cloud 9 is only for advanced surfers.


This wave is smaller than the waves before it, but it still breaks on the same shallow reef next to Cloud 9.

This wave is often quite crowded, though.


Stimpy's is a good break for left waves.

It is best at low to mid tide.

You can get there by boat in about 10 minutes. There are two breaks at this spot.

Rock Island

Stimpy's is near Rock Island.

It's a great spot for photos when the wind is blowing in the right direction.

Daku Reef

Daku is an offshore break that offers waves for people who like adrenaline rushes.

Only go here if you're a strong swimmer as the current is strong.


The best time to surf here is during low tide.

Keep in mind that there is an actual cemetery located right in front of the surfing location!


There are a lot of surfing lessons in Siargao.

The locals also surf here, which means there are a lot of people on the beach and in the waves.

If you want to learn how to surf, General Luna is only a 15-minute scooter ride away.

G1 is best at high tide and breaks left and right. Sometimes there's another small break next to it.

FAQs about the Siargao surf season

When is the best time to surf in Siargao?

The Siargao surf season is during the months of April to November when the swell is consistent.

What are the different types of surf breaks in Siargao?

There are three main types of surf breaks in Siargao – reef breaks, point breaks, and beach breaks.

How far from the shore do you have to paddle to get to some of the breaks?

Some of the breaks are quite far from shore, so you'll need to be a strong swimmer and have good paddling skills.

What is the current like at some of the breaks?

The current can be strong at some of the breaks, especially those that are further from shore. It is always a good idea to check with the locals before paddling out.

What are some tips for surfers in Siargao?

  • Make sure you have a good understanding of the surf conditions before paddling out.
  • Use caution when surfing at Cloud 9, as it is for advanced surfers only.
  • Rent a decent surfboard to improve your surfing experience.
  • Be aware of the strong current at some of the breaks.

How much does it cost to rent a surfboard in Siargao?

Renting a surfboard in Siargao usually costs around $5-$8 USD per day.

What are some other activities to do in Siargao besides surfing?

Other popular activities in Siargao include scuba diving, kitesurfing,

Are there any competitions that take place on the island?

Yes, there are surf competitions that take place on the island throughout the year.

The most popular one is the Siargao Cup, which takes place in October.

What is the best time of day to surf?

The best time of day to surf is usually early in the morning or late in the afternoon when the sun is not

How to get around Siargao?

The best way to get around Siargao is by scooter.

You can rent a scooter for around $5-$8 USD a day.

Make sure you have a valid driver's license and that you're comfortable driving on the island's roads.

What are some other things to do in Siargao?

In addition to surfing, Siargao is also great for exploring the island, going on jungle treks, visiting waterfalls, and relaxing on the beach.