11 Easy Ways you can reduce plastic use on your next surf trip

Let's reduce plastic to help fight our current war against pollution.

We are all guilty of using plastic in our day to day lives, but reducing plastic is not as hard as it seems.

We hear you thinking, “How can one person like me make a difference?”.

You can and will easily make a difference by using the following tips to travel plastic-free!

1. Toothpaste – See you later plastic tubes

Reduce Plastic Toothpaste

There are many alternatives to reduce plastic like the toothpaste tablets.

These are a naturally foaming tablet.

You will get enough to last you a few weeks.

The tablets are allowed in your hand luggage as they won’t count as a liquid.

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2. Reduce plastic with a Shampoo bar

reduce plastic shampoo

Start using a shampoo and conditioner bar.

One bar is the equivalent to two to three bottles of normal shampoo and conditioner.

Since it's not a liquid, it can be packed as a carry-on because.

Since these bars are 100% natural, they're much better for your hair.

TIP: When you take a shampoo and conditioner bar with you on your surf trips, store them in a small metal box.

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3. Deodorant

reduce plastic deodorant

Spray deodorants contain compressed gases which are also found in aerosols and plastic packaging.

Which are extremely harmful for the environment.

I want more environmentally friendly option is using solid deodorants.

Solid deodorants are similar looking to a bar of soap.

Typically, they're made from natural ingredients.

They're also easy to use.

Simply rub under your arms.

Plus, they last much longer than the average aerosol deodorants.

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4. Reduce plastic by getting a shaving razor

reduce plastic razor

Over 2 billion plastic shaving razors ending up in landfills per year.

To reduce plastic purchase start using a reusable, plastic-free, safety razor.

Yes, the price is high, but the blades are very affordable!

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5. Cotton Swabs

Cotton swabs may look harmless, but they are detrimental to the environment, not least because they are made up almost entirely of plastic.

Luckily, Europe has agreed to ban cotton swabs by 2021, but we can all get ahead by using a bamboo cotton swabs.

6. Menstrual Products

reduce plastic menstrual cup

Often ignored, menstrual products have an negative impact on our environment.

Because of hygienic reasons they're not recyclable.

Which means they end up in our oceans and landfills.

Equating to 12 billion sanitary pads in the US alone.

Make the switch to a menstrual cup.

The benefits include changing less often.

As you can leave it in for around 12 hours.

Plus, it’s made from comfortable silicone (no harmful toxins like plastic).

The best part, it's reusable for up to 10 years.

It might feel like a small investment, while 10 years of tampons and sanitary pads will cost you a lot more.

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7. Avoid using hotel toiletries

While getting free amenities at your hotel can be fun, the use of plastic mini toiletries negatively effect the environment.

Bring your own soap block, shampoo bar, and tooth tabs so you can ignore the mini hotel toiletries.

8. No more plastic bags

Seeing a market in a beautiful tropical region use plastic bags is sad.

No you don't need to use plastic bags for every piece of fruit or to carry a handful of items.

Bring a reusable bag on your travels for when you're walking around.

9. Say ‘No’ to plastic straws and utensils

reduce plastic cutlery

While a small plastic straw or plastic fork may not seem like a big deal, millions of them are.

Which is how many are floating around in the ocean.

Ending up in the stomachs of sea creatures and on our beaches.

Try to carry your own reusable cutlery.

10. Reusable water bottle – The easiest way to reduce plastic

reduce plastic water bottle

One of the easiest and possibly best ways to reduce plastic is by getting a reusable water bottle.

Single-use bottles we purchase in the supermarket release toxins into the water.

Two water bottles per day are what a person usually drinks, so you will reduce plastic easily by having a reusable.

Protect marine life – 8 million tons of plastic ends up in the ocean every year.

FACT: Every 6 hours, 1 million plastic cups are used on US domestic flights alone!

Plan for your trip when traveling, by bringing a reusable water bottle.

Airports typically have refill points before boarding.

Most airlines will fill your water bottle for you on the flight.

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11. Clean every beach you visit

There's nothing worse than travelling thousands of miles to a surf beach, only to discover plastic litter washing up on shore.

When surfing in Bali, the first thing I noticed was the plastic litter.

Beaches around the world are experiencing massive plastic problems.

Yes, we need to prevent plastic from getting into the ocean in the first place.

However, we can do what we can by participating in organized beach clean-ups.

Alternatively, make it a part of your routine to fill a bag of plastic litter every time you go to the beach.

Don't think someone else or the city is going to pick it up.

By making simple changes to our travel habits, we can make a positive impact on our planet.

Get started by actively seeking out alternative products that don't use plastic.

You'll find out that they're typically better quality anyways.