7 BEST Mexico Waves TO SURF

Mexico has sandy shores, azure waters and beautiful beaches, but which are the best beaches to head to if you love surfing?

Here we’ve collected the best Mexico waves you can find to surf in this wonderful country.

Starting with the Baja Peninsula and working our way right down to Oaxaca.

Discover these Mexico waves for your next surf adventure

1. Surfing in Todos Santos and Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur

A stalwart of the Mexican surfing scene, Ensenada is just outside up-and-coming travel destination Tijuana and not far from the US border, meaning it attracts surfers from all over the world.

While the water is cold on the beaches in Ensenada, they do have some of the best waves around, especially in wintertime.

For those with some experience under their belt, the famed San Miguel beach is probably the best place to check out, with its consistent breaks and reliable swells.

Todos Santos is up there too.

2. Surfing in Mazatlán, Sinaloa

While Mazatlán has undeniably developed a negative reputation in recent years, it must be said that the surf potential makes it still worth the trip.

In the western state of Sinaloa, Mazatlán has perhaps the best “good for all-levels” beaches for surfing in Mexico waves.

From the family-friendly, excellent for surf newbies Playa Los Pinos to the crashing break of Olas Altas, whichever beach you choose, keep in mind that the Mazatlán surfing season runs from April to October.

3. Surfing in Sayulita, Nayarit

A local favourite and well-known amongst hippie travelers as the best destination for beachside raves, the quaint and colourful town of Sayulita in Nayarit is also one of the best surfing destinations in the country.

Right along the beautiful, if fairly petite, stretch of Playa Sayulita sand you can find numerous classes offering surf rental and lessons, making it the perfect place for surfers of all abilities.

The best time to enjoy the Mexico waves of Sayulita is from December to April.

Sayulita has become a surf destination for beginners and long-boarders in the last few years, as the areas chilled lifestyle and super fun and easy to handle waves become well-known amongst the surfing community.

The consistent waist to chest-high swells is what makes the area so appealing as it provides the perfect canvas for longboarders to walk the nose and beginner surfers to get a grip of the fundamentals, without the consequences of Mexico’s more revered breaks.

Expect to surf yourself out with the leg-achingly long rides, before grabbing a post surf smoothie at one of the beachfront shacks. 

4. Surfing in Cuyutlán, Colima

Moving down the Mexican coast and into the tiny state of Colima, whose surf potential is sometimes overlooked.

One of the more well known beaches is Boca de Pascuales.

Which is known for its tall breaks and tubes that come from all directions and should only be taken on by experts.

However, there are still plenty of spots for newbies to give surfing a go in Cuyutlán, well-known for its ola verde (green wave).

5. Surfing in La Ticla, Michoacán

La Ticla is a small Nahuatl village in Michoacán, the state which has sadly garnered a poor reputation for drugs and violence over the last few years.

However, if you’re just looking for great surfing then this is definitely a spot to consider, on the southwest Mexican coastline.

If you think this (relatively) quiet surf destination might be the one for you, head there in summer and make the most of the waves, although they’re pretty good all year round.

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6. Surfing in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca


The Puerto Escondido zone as a whole is world-famous for crashing waves and excellent surf conditions, as well as a wealth of surfing pros who come to try their hand in the southern Mexico waves.

This spot for more advanced surfers are experienced in larger waves.

7. Surfing in San Agustinillo, Zipolite, Oaxaca

A quick drive from downtown Puerto Escondido you’ll discover the most secret of Mexico waves, San Agustinillo.

The Mexico waves of San Agustinillo have gone under the radar as a beginner surf paradise.

This has easy left and right waves which break onto glowing sand and is surfable no matter the conditions.

When you're taking a break from the Mexico waves of San Agustillo, you can relax in your hammock, drink coconut water and enjoy the local caught seafood for dinner.