29 Best Longboard Waves Around the World

Discover the best longboard waves on our planet.

If you longboard, these international longboard waves may be waiting for you.

It survived the invention of the shortboard and is the go-to for a ton of surfers both young and grey.

Nothing beats gliding fluidly down small one-footers.

Effortlessly catching almost any wave with classic longboards.

An ideal image all of us surfer imagine.

Long boarders are pioneers of surfing.

A longboard can score almost any wave.

Having a longboard in your quiver to catch surf on smaller days eliminates frustration in crummy conditions.

But they’re equally great on in slightly larger surf.

Additionally, when you have your longboard, you can sit further out to catch waves earlier.

Creating plenty of time to practice your nose-riding skills.

Whether you aim to hang ten.

This selection of surf spots for long boarders around the world should satisfy your longboard cravings no matter where you are in the world.

Historical longboard waves at First Point in Malibu, California

Famous for its perfection.

The right point break is the perfect longboard wave.

Malibu is one of the many famous longboard waves in the world.

With three separate areas to take-off, it works on all tides and delivers a perfectly shaped wave.

Being in Los Angeles, there will most likely always be crowds.

Also, bacteria pollution is a problem.

Often leaving surfers with eye and ear infections.

The rashes and respiratory illness due to the pollution are have ruined the once-iconic image of surfing Malibu.

Makaha in Oahu, Hawaii

The waves in Makaha have been popular with long boarders and big wave surfers.

Currently, it's less famous than the waves north of there.

But, produces some of the best waves in Hawaii.

Scorpion Bay in Baja California, Mexico

A long, bumpy drive to get to.

However, if you like surfing long, perfect long, right point breaks, then this wave is worth the journey south of the border.

When swell is big enough, it can link up the seven various points to create rides of up to 2km.

We recommend driving here in a 4×4. It can also have long flat spells and expensive campsites.

Byron Bay in New South Wales, Australia

A surfing mecca.

There are three main breaks which famous for longboarding.

Byron Bay is known for long and fun for nose riding.

Longboard waves in San Onofre, California

San Onofre can also be divided into several different spots including Old Man’s, Dog Patch, and The Point.

All the waves at San Onofre break slowly and offer long rides and easy takeoffs.

San Onofre is undoubtedly the best beginner wave in the area, but the long rides offer plenty of space for experienced longboarders to log some tip-time.

Longboarders rule the waves in San Onofre, California.

The three main breaks offer long and easy rights and are best during a south swell.

The campsite is home to Lowers, the best high-performance wave in the country.

Also, Old Man’s, which is one of the most chill waves in the area.

Trestles and San Onofre are within walking distance of each other.

But they are essentially two different surf areas.

Most of the best longboarding is near San Onofre.

Queens/Canoes (Waikiki) on the south shore of Oahu, Hawaii

One of Waikiki's most famous breaks.

Offering long rides and enough time to hang ten.

Waikiki is the birth of surf civilization.

While it's not the best wave in Hawaii.

It’s the link between ancient Polynesia and modern surfing.

Historically, nineteenth-century missionaries almost eliminated surfing from Hawaii.

Surfing Waikiki isn’t just fun–it’s a must-do at least once.

Also, it's a good longboard wave.

Widely known as one of the best places on the planet to learn to surf.

The North Shore's Sunset Beach in Oahu, Hawaii

The North Shore is famous for big wave surfing.

This might not be an ideal wave for the intermediate longboard surfer,

However, it's an essential surf spot for advanced surfers who are up for a challenge.

Mala Wharf in Maui, Hawaii

One of the best longboarding waves on the island.

With a strong south swell, expect fun lefts break off the old wharf over the reef bottom.

Cardiff, California

California might be one of the best longboard waves on the planet.

Depending on the swell, you can score epic lefts at Suckouts or perfect rights at Cardiff Reef.

Ditch Plains in Montauk, New York

Legend has it that Montauk looks and feels like 1950’s California.

Montauk has big cliffs and long crumbly A‑frames.

A consistent break that picks up swells from every angle.

Montauk is connected to Manhattan by train.

Which means Ditch Plains gets crowded.

Noosa Heads in Queensland, Australia

Noosa is the center of Australia’s longboarding scene.

Containing picturesque right-hand points.

However, they can be fickle and inconsistent.

But when it's good, it's really good.

The series of right points are perfect when the winds and swell are in harmony.

Longboard waves in Saladita, Mexico

Fun, long, waist-high, peeling left-hander waves that lends itself to noserides.

Pavones, Costa Rica

While known for legendary endless, and head-high waves, Pavones is Costa Rica’s longest left.

Even when it's waist high, it's still pretty good for surfing Costa Rica.

Oldman's in Batu-Bolong. Bali, Indonesia

Also known as Oldman’s, Batu Bolong works practically all-year-round longboard waves.

Much like the rest of Bali’s surf breaks.

The reef is flat, so it’s a consistent ride.

Oldman’s can either spread out the crowds or let longboards onto a solid 100-meter-plus ride.

Uluwatu in Bali, Indonesia

For an epic longboard session.

The place gets big and hollow, but its smaller days are perfect for long rides.

Due to the long rights that peel along the lava reef, this spot is sought out by longboarders.

Lafitenia, France

Known as the ‘Silver Coast,’ the Côte d’Argent is the European hotspot for anyone with a longboard.

150 miles of coast offers countless options for longboarders.

Stick to the summer months for smaller swells.

If you choose a French sojourn, put Lafitenia on your list.

It’s a natural footer's paradise with right-handers galore and a fun bowl throwing up the odd barrel.

Laftenia is popular, so be ready for crowds.

Hainan Island, China

The second-largest island in China after Taiwan, Hainan offers mellow left point breaks.

Surf-wise, the area hasn't been explored.

But it offers some rugged, remote surfing with a beautiful backdrop of volcanic mountains.

However, it is complicated to travel without a guide.

Also, some areas are off-limits.

Ribeira D'Iihas in Ericeira, Portugal

Ericeira's Ribeira d’Ilhas is a mellow right that produces waves that can grind all the way from the Pontinha to the beach.

Perfect if you are able to surf it while it's uncrowded.

Be aware of a few urchins hiding in the sand.

Chicama, Peru

The left point break of Chicama is also the world's longest longboard waves.

The entire point is 2.5 miles long and divided into three main sections. 

If you are a goofy-footed longboarder and don't mind surfing in a little cooler water temp, then Chicama is for you.

Renowned as the world’s longest left, Chicama is a true, mystical wave.

The biggest challenge is trying to paddle against the current, it’s easier to get out and walk back to the take-off zone.

Inch Reef, County Kerry, Ireland

Inch reef doesn't offer too many great waves.

But when its the right condition it’s one of the longest waves in the country.

Creating a 400 meter plus ride.

Cursed by a strong rip current.

Which is almost as famous as the wave itself.

It's a precarious surf spot you have to be careful getting in and out at.

Lazy Left, Sri Lanka

sri lanka longboard waves

These super mellow left-hand waves break over a deep reef.

Sri Lanka is similar to Indonesia but more mellow. 

As the name suggests, it offers long lazy waves to ride.

Crescent Head, NSW, Australia

Offering long rides that break along the length of a boulder-strewn bay.

Often the waves peel for hundreds of meters causing serious jelly-leg syndrome.

Galicia, Spain

While it's a rugged stretch of coastline, Galicia in Spain is essential for longboarders.

The North Atlantic Ocean generates a range of waves for this region's sandy beaches.

August through November is perfect for longboarding with it's smaller swells.

With no rain and wind and only small villages nearby, there are no crowds.

Siargao Island, Philippines

Home to Cloud 9, Siargao Island is an essential tropical longboard wave destination.

With the crystal blue ocean, shady palm trees. white sand, and warm water temperature.

Daku Island is a 10-minute boat ride from General Luna.

Offering a long right-hander with consistent quality conditions.

If you're goofy-footed, Cemetery will keep you happy.

With four-foot-plus lefts over a reef.

Tuason Point offers fun longboard waves.

A mostly-left reef an easy ride most of the time.

However, occasionally it gets up to 6-10 feet.

The Maldives

In the Northern Atolls, check out Ninja Point.

After it simmers down from a big swell, Ninja has 2-4 foot waves on a small day.

Great for longboarding.

Pasta Point is another Northern Atoll longboarding wave.

This left-hand wave never goes away.

Its wave holds its shape on smaller 1-2 foot days.

It’s hard to get to the break so you won’t have much competition in the water.

It's best to access this via boat.

So you can quickly reach the most suitable longboard spot of the day, depending on the forecast.

You can travel extra early in the morning in order to make the most of the daylight.

Tavarua Island, Fiji

Tavarua is primarily known for its barreling waves such as Cloudbreak and Restaurants.

There are some great waves on and around the island that are popular with longboarders, like the break “Swimming Pools”.

Perfect for longboarders due to speed, power, and length.

Located a mile to the northwest from Tavarua.

Mizata, El Salvador

The main surf spot at Mizata is The Point.

A right and left. Breaking off a cobblestone river mouth.

The longest, best riding wave for longboarding is called “Sunzal”.

An easy, 300-yard right point break.

Perfect from beginners to advanced surfers.

Popoyo Surf Zone, Nicaragua

A small 15-mile stretch known as the Popoyo Surf Zone is a bucketlist surf destination.

Offering a year-round deepwater swell.

With over 300 days of all-day offshore winds.

Typically the longboard waves are shoulder to head high.

With a large variety of breaks for longboarders.

Longboard waves in Bocas Del Toro, Panama

This part of Panama is only 1,000 miles from Florida.

Resembling the surf of the Maldives.

The three main islands offer about a dozen surf breaks.

Waves for beginners and expert surfers.

Traveling to this area with a board over 7 ft is difficult because of the small single-engine aircraft you'll take here from Panama City.

So plan in advance to make sure you can bring your longboards.

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