Las Cabanas Beach Resort: The El Nido Secret

I had been on the road, chasing horizons and deadlines. But it was at Las Cabanas Beach Resort where the world finally slowed down. The air was different here—salty, but also sweet, like a well-aged whiskey. It was as if the ocean itself whispered, “Rest now, you’re home.”

Las Cabanas Beach is not far from the bustling El Nido Town—just a 10-minute tricycle ride to the north on Palawan Island. But those ten minutes make all the difference. You leave behind the clamor and find yourself in a sanctuary. The beach is a stretch of golden sand, a canvas painted with tiny bars, restaurants, and bungalows. Palm trees bow gracefully over the water, as if to greet the local children and tourists who share the warm tropical embrace of the ocean.

The Las Cabanas Beach Resort sits at the edge of this paradise, a humble abode that offers more than just a roof and bed. It offers a front-row seat to nature’s grand theater—the sky, the sea, and the setting sun.

It’s basic, yes, but sometimes basic is all you need. Sometimes, it’s everything you need.

The Road to Las Cabanas Beach Resort

We hailed a tricycle in El Nido Town, the engine sputtering like an old man’s cough but reliable nonetheless. “Las Cabanas Beach Resort,” I told the driver. He nodded, and we were off. The ride was a mere 10 minutes, but those minutes were a transition, a passage from the known to the sublime.

We had heard tales of Las Cabanas Beach Resort—of its simplicity, its raw beauty. So we packed light, just backpacks slung over our shoulders. No rolling suitcases to drag through the sand, no extraneous items to weigh us down. Just the essentials. It was a conscious choice, a preparation not just of luggage but of mindset. We were ready for whatever Las Cabanas had to offer.

The tricycle dropped us off near a group of locals, their eyes heavy with the day’s toil but kind. We thanked the driver and turned towards the beach, backpacks making the journey easy. No need for porters or extra pesos. We walked along the beach ourselves, each step a descent into a simpler, truer world.

As we approached Las Cabanas Beach Resort, I felt the weight of expectations lift, replaced by the weightlessness of being. Here, you didn’t just stay; you belonged. And as we set foot on the property, I knew that every choice we had made—every expectation, every preparation—had led us to exactly where we needed to be.

First Glimpses of Las Cabanas Beach Resort

As we walked along the beach, backpacks light and spirits high, the first sight of Las Cabanas Beach Resort met our eyes. It was a revelation, a moment when you realize that beauty isn’t just what you see, but what you feel. The beach was a stretch of golden tranquility, a place where each grain of sand seemed to have its own story.

But Las Cabanas Beach Resort was more than just a pretty face. It had a heartbeat, a rhythm that pulsed through the tiny bars and restaurants that lined the shore. Locals and tourists mingled, their laughter and conversations a melody that complemented the ocean’s eternal song. Bungalows stood like silent guardians, their wooden frames weathered but welcoming.

We had only our backpacks, and that made us nimble, free to explore the nooks and crannies of Las Cabanas Beach Resort. We could drift from a bar to a bungalow, from the ocean to a table set for two. It was a freedom that only added to the beauty of the place, a freedom that made us feel not like visitors, but like a part of the landscape.

Staying at Las Cabanas Beach Resort

We arrived with only our backpacks, a decision that served us well as we strolled along the beach to Las Cabanas Beach Resort.

The resort was unpretentious, its simplicity a deliberate choice rather than a limitation. Wooden bungalows with thatched roofs stood as if they had grown from the sand itself. The amenities were basic—no air conditioning, no hot water, and limited electricity.

But in a place like this, you quickly realize that the real luxury is the natural world around you.

The Beachfront

The location of Las Cabanas Beach Resort is its true selling point. Situated at the edge of the beach, it offers an uninterrupted view of the ocean. The sound of waves serves as a constant lullaby, a natural symphony that makes you forget the absence of modern comforts. It’s a place where you don’t just observe nature; you become a part of it.

The Cost

Staying at Las Cabanas Beach Resort won’t break the bank. At around $120 per night for a beachfront cottage, it’s a reasonable price for an experience that’s priceless. The absence of certain amenities is reflected in the cost, but what you get in return is an authentic, unfiltered connection with the natural world.


The sunsets at Las Cabanas Beach Resort are not just events; they are performances. As the sun dipped lower, the sky became a canvas of oranges, pinks, and purples, each hue vying for attention yet harmoniously blending into a masterpiece. It’s a famous spectacle, one that draws both locals and travelers to this stretch of sand.

With our backpacks safely tucked away in our bungalow, we took to the beach to witness this daily ritual. The colors seemed to reflect off the ocean, creating a world that was suspended between day and night. It was a moment that felt both intimate and expansive, as if the universe had paused to take a breath.

Getting to Las Cabanas Beach Resort

The Route: From El Nido Town to Paradise

Reaching Las Cabanas Beach Resort from El Nido Town is straightforward. A 10-minute tricycle ride will get you there, making it an easy journey even for those with just a backpack, like us. The proximity to El Nido Town adds to the resort’s appeal, offering seclusion without isolation.

The Costs: Affordable Transfers

The tricycle ride costs around $3, a small price for a quick transition from the hustle of El Nido Town to the serenity of Las Cabanas Beach Resort. If you prefer a more independent approach, scooters are also available for rent, allowing you the freedom to explore at your own pace.