Is Bohol Worth Visiting?

Our journey through the Philippines brought us to a crossroads, contemplating whether to visit Bohol. The archipelago boasts a plethora of islands, making the choice overwhelming. Bohol, with its unique offerings and challenges, stood out among the options.

In the midst of our indecision, we weighed the pros and cons, considering the island’s reputation for tourism and its natural wonders. It was a tough decision, as we wanted to experience the Philippines in its most authentic form.

Is Bohol Worth Visiting? The Island’s Dual Nature

Bohol is a land of contradictions. It’s heavily frequented by tourists, yet it is the sole home of the enigmatic Chocolate Hills. These thousands of natural mounds captivate visitors, despite the island’s bustling tourism. The phenomenon of the Chocolate Hills remains a mystery, adding to the island’s allure.

On one hand, the island’s popularity has led to a well-developed tourism infrastructure, making it accessible and comfortable for visitors. On the other hand, this popularity has also resulted in crowded spots and a loss of tranquility in certain areas.

Our Bohol Experience

The Chocolate Hills

We ultimately decided to brave the crowds and visit Bohol, drawn by the allure of the Chocolate Hills. Was this the right decision? In this article, we aim to provide a balanced view, sharing both the highs and lows of our experience on the island.

The hills themselves were a sight to behold, with their unique shape and mysterious origins capturing our imagination. We explored them at different times of the day, experiencing their beauty in varying lights and perspectives.

The Tourist Dilemma

Bohol’s popularity among tourists is a double-edged sword. The island is bustling, yet the Chocolate Hills offer a unique spectacle. We chose to see them for ourselves, navigating through the throngs of visitors to form our own opinion.

Despite the crowds, we found moments of solitude and beauty, making the visit worthwhile. However, we couldn’t ignore the impact of tourism on the island, noticing areas where nature had given way to development.

Exploring Bohol

The Chocolate Hills

The Chocolate Hills stand as a rare phenomenon, offering breathtaking landscapes. The best views are at sunrise or sunset, accessible from the Chocolate Hills Complex. For a more personal experience, we recommend exploring on a scooter, though we advise caution and respect for local privacy.

We ventured into the hills, seeking the best vantage points and soaking in the beauty of the landscape. It was an adventure, one that brought us closer to the mystery and majesty of Bohol.

Loboc River and Beyond

A scooter ride around Bohol reveals the hidden beauty of the Loboc River. While the Twin Bridge is a tourist hotspot, we found two lesser-known bridges that offer a more authentic experience. For those seeking adventure, the zip line at Loboc Ecotourism Adventure Park is a thrilling option.

The river, with its lush surroundings and tranquil flow, provided a refreshing contrast to the bustling tourist spots. It was a journey into the heart of Bohol, showcasing the island’s natural beauty and serene atmosphere.

Waterfalls and Beaches

Bohol is home to a variety of waterfalls, each with its own unique charm. The beaches, particularly in Anda, are renowned for their tranquility and beauty. While we didn’t visit Anda ourselves, we encourage others to explore and share their experiences.

The waterfalls, hidden among the island’s lush landscapes, offered a refreshing escape from the heat and crowds. They were a reminder of Bohol’s natural wonders, waiting to be discovered by those willing to venture off the beaten path.

What to Avoid in Bohol

The Downside

Despite its attractions, Bohol has its downsides. The impact of mass tourism is most evident in Panglao, where the natural beauty is marred by crowds and litter. Island hopping in Bohol is also more expensive and less impressive compared to other Philippine destinations.

We noticed the strain on the environment, seeing areas littered with trash and affected by overdevelopment. It was a stark contrast to the island’s natural beauty, highlighting the challenges of sustainable tourism.

Our Advice

To fully enjoy Bohol, we recommend staying away from the crowded areas, particularly for accommodations and activities. Be mindful of the higher prices on the island, and set your expectations accordingly.

Choosing less touristy spots and engaging in sustainable practices can enhance your experience, allowing you to enjoy Bohol’s beauty while minimizing your impact.

To Visit or Not to Visit?

The Verdict

Whether to visit Bohol is a personal decision. The Chocolate Hills are a unique draw, but similar natural beauty can be found on other Philippine islands. If you do choose to visit, a short stay of two days should suffice for the Chocolate Hills, while three to four days will allow for a more comprehensive exploration.

Bohol offers a mix of natural wonders and touristy spots, providing a varied experience for visitors. Your enjoyment of the island will depend on your preferences and how you choose to navigate its offerings.

Practical Information for Visiting Bohol

Accommodation Tips

For a peaceful stay, look for accommodations near the Loboc River. We had a pleasant experience at the Fox & The Firefly Cottages, which we happily recommend. Regardless of your choice, we wish you a memorable trip and hope you find what you’re looking for in Bohol.

Choosing the right accommodation can greatly enhance your experience, providing a serene retreat from the island’s busier spots. Take the time to research and choose a place that aligns with your preferences and values.