Discovering Paradise: My Stay at El Nido Greenviews Beach Resort

El Nido Greenviews Beach Resort is a serene retreat in Palawan, offering rustic beachfront cottages, scenic beauty, and a plethora of adventure opportunities with tours around the archipelago. The resort’s restaurant provides a culinary journey amidst picturesque views, ensuring a captivating blend of relaxation and excitement during your stay.

From the moment the boat neared the shore, I knew El Nido Greenviews Beach Resort was going to be a special place. Nestled in the pristine vicinity of El Nido, this resort promised a blend of adventure and tranquility. As I stepped onto the sands, the rustic charm of beachfront cottages against the backdrop of emerald waters felt like stepping into a postcard.

El Nido Greenviews Beach Resort Overview

The quaint, clean beach cottages of El Nido Greenviews Beach Resort immediately caught my eye. With the soft sounds of waves as a constant companion, the cottages offered a serene retreat. The resort stretched along the scenic Corong-Corong Beach, a quieter, more secluded haven compared to the bustling main town of El Nido, yet close enough for a delightful evening stroll.

The plethora of amenities at the resort ensured there wasn’t a dull moment. Whether it was lazing on the tanning beds, enjoying a good read in the hammocks, or paddling around in canoes, the choices were endless. As the sun cast a golden glow, the upstairs section of the restaurant became the perfect spot to indulge in some cocktails, while the spectacular sunset painted the sky in shades of crimson and gold.

Adventure Awaits

El Nido is synonymous with adventure, and staying at El Nido Greenviews Beach Resort was a gateway to explore the archipelago’s hidden treasures. The resort’s tour packages, as detailed on El Nido Tour Packages, were a passport to the enchanting lagoons, secret beaches, and majestic cliffs that this island paradise is famous for. The resort staff made arranging Tours A, B, C, and D a breeze, ensuring a seamless blend of excitement and relaxation.

A short boat ride took me to the inviting sands of Papaya Beach, a lesser-known hideaway where the turquoise waters were perfect for a refreshing swim. The adventurous spirit in me couldn’t resist the call of kayaking in Palawan, paddling through the crystal-clear waters was surreal, each stroke revealing the underwater wonders beneath.

The days of exploration were beautifully balanced with evenings of relaxation at the resort. The gentle lull of the sea, the silhouettes of the karst cliffs against the starlit sky, and the warm hospitality of the resort staff made the El Nido Greenviews Beach Resort experience truly unforgettable.

Culinary Journey

The culinary offerings at El Nido Greenviews Beach Resort were a delightful exploration of flavors. From traditional Filipino dishes to comforting western cuisine, the menu catered to every palate. The restaurant, with its open design, allowed the cool sea breeze to accompany our meals, adding a tropical flair to the dining experience.

As someone who appreciates a good view with their meal, the resort hit the sweet spot. The upstairs section of the restaurant not only provided a panoramic view of the islands but also served as a vantage point to appreciate the grandeur of Palawan’s sunsets. Each evening, as the sun dipped below the horizon, the sky would put on a mesmerizing show of colors, reflecting off the calm waters, enhancing the flavors on my plate.

The live music and entertainment at the restaurant added a lively vibe to the dining experience. With a cocktail in hand, delicious food on the table, and the rhythmic tunes filling the air, it was easy to lose track of time and immerse in the delightful ambiance that El Nido Greenviews Beach Resort meticulously crafted.


As I packed my bags, the memories of the serene beach, the exhilarating tours, and the culinary delights ensured a longing to revisit. El Nido Greenviews Beach Resort encapsulated the essence of Palawan’s beauty, making it a cherished chapter of my island escapade. The ease with which one could transition from adventure to relaxation, from exploring the seas to savoring exotic dishes under the stars, made this resort a true gem in El Nido.