5 Places to See Dolphins Surfing with Surfers

You are never alone in the ocean.

That fact doesn’t have to be scary.

Our oceans are teeming with life, intriguing and mysterious.

You do have better chances of finding yourself in the surf with dolphins than sharks.

What’s great about dolphins surfing with surfers is the spontaneity of it.

While you can’t plan for it, you can increase your chances of seeing dolphins surfing with surfers.

There is nothing more memorable than being on your surf board behind the break, to see a couple of dolphins surfing with surfers and saying hi.

Encountering dolphins surfing with surfers in their natural habitat definitely beats the horrible swim with dolphin experiences you’ll come across in touristy places around the world.

(Ahhemm, SeaWorld!)

Occasional sightings of dolphins surfing with surfers are not unusual.

Especially in the surf.

But there are several places where they are more likely to occur.

In some parts of the world, not only will you see dolphins in the water, you may even have to wait your turn while they steal your wave.

Where to witness dolphins surfing with surfers

1. Dolphins surfing with surfers in New Zealand

Thanks to New Zealand’s climate, pods of dolphins can be found swimming here all year round.

One of the best things about travelling to and surfing in New Zealand is the chance to see dolphins.

Both the North and South Island offer plenty of opportunities to catch a glimpse of these amazing creatures.

Porpoise Bay and Curio Bay are two great spots for surfers of all levels, and it’s quite possible you’ll even encounter Hector dolphins, which are among the smallest dolphin species in the world.

For your best chance of seeing them, try surfing early in the morning.

And if you really want to up your chances, head to Kaikoura onthe east coast near Christchurch—it’s one of THE best places in the world for dolphin spotting (and surfing with them)!

2. Dolphins surfing with surfers in Western Australia

If you’re looking to get away from the crowds and possibly surf with dolphins, then Western Australia is for you.

Esperance is one of the biggest coasts in Western Australia’s Golden Outback.

It has beaches, islands, and reefs. There is also a lot of surfing to do there.

You might also see spinner dolphins while you’re surfing.

Kalbarri has some of the best left-handers in Australia, including the difficult break at Jakes Point.

This surf spot is located a long way from Perth.

You might have to compete with dolphins for a chance to catch a wave here.

3. Dolphins surfing with surfers in Oahu, Hawaii

But what if you want to spend some time alone together in the water surfing for another wave?

The west coast of Oahu, where surfing as we know it today began, is a good place to see dolphins on a regular basis.

You’ll have company all the time if you surf at Waikiki Beach.

I’m not just referring to fellow surfers; I’m also talking about spinner dolphins.

The waves in Waikiki’s protected bay are some of the best in the world for surfers of all abilities.

The biggest and most consistent waves typically hit the beach during summer (June to September), but fortunately, you may paddle alongside dolphins at any time of year!

Yokohama Bay is well-known among surfers for its powerful and hollow beach break.

Kahe Point, also known as Electric Beach, is a great place to see spinner dolphins close to shore each morning.

The best time of year to see dolphins is all year round.

In the winter, the waves get bigger in Hawaii, but that doesn’t mean you won’t see any dolphins. Dolphins like to surf too!

4. Dolphins surfing with surfers in Sri Lanka

December and April, is the best time to surf with dolphins in the southern part of Sri Lanka.

There are many different types of dolphins in Sri Lanka’s warm seas.

The most acrobatic dolphin is the spinner dolphin.

You are more likely to see dolphins on the northwest and southern coasts of the island.

The majority of Sri Lankan surf is located in the south.

In Kalpitiya, Sri Lanka, you will find the most dolphins near shore.

If you’re considering combining surfing in Sri Lanka with dolphins, you’ve come to the right place.

Most of the world’s best surf breaks are frequented by dolphins.

In the South, Mirissa offers a reef break for all levels of surfers.

Dolphins abound in Trincomalee on the eastern coast of Sri Lanka.

It’s also a great area to book a surfing camp for adults.

5. Dolphins surfing with surfers in Costa Rica

July through October and from December to May are the best times to possibly surf with dolphins in Costa Rica.

You can also find some amazing all inclusive surfing resorts here as well.

You can see dolphins all year round in the waters off Costa Rica.

In fact, over 30% of the world’s different dolphin species live in these warm, tropical waters.

So while you’re surfing, you may spot a dolphin or two leaping out of the water.

If you’re looking to surf in Costa Rica, head to the North Pacific coast – specifically, the Guanacaste region (also famous for its dolphins).

This is where large pods of dolphins reside near Playa Tamarindo – one of the most popular surf spots in Costa Rica.

If you’re looking to see dolphins on your vacation, head to Manuel Antonio National Park or Uvita.

Uvita is especially great for whale and dolphin watching, located only a short distance from Playa Domincal.

Golfo Dulce Dolphin Sanctuary is one of the best places to see dolphins in Costa Rica–you might even get the chance to surf with them!

All year round, large pods (upwards of 500 individuals) can be seen offshore from a boat tour.

The longest left-hand waves in the world are found at Playa Pavones, which is located near the mouth of the gulf.

The country’s Caribbean shore experiences enormous and powerful waves (usually caused by offshore storms between December and March) more than any other region in Costa Rica.

Ride with bottlenose dolphins in the morning before heading to Puerto Viejo for a unique surfing experience.