The Best Time to Surf Portugal (5 Surf Spots)

If you're looking for a great place to surf in Portugal, the best time of year is from September to October when the conditions are offshore winds and swell from the north and northwest.

There are a number of great waves that can be found during this time, but some of the best include Supertubos, Buarcos, Matosinhos Beach, Nazaré, and Coxos.

So, if you're planning a trip to Portugal to catch some waves, be sure to check out these great spots during the following times of year.

Best time to surf Portugal for beginners

You'll have the best time surfing in Portugal during summer, from May to September.

The waves are smallest then.

But be aware that lots of people visit surf spots during summer, especially July and August.

The best time to surf Portugal for more experienced surfers

Portugal is a great place to surf, but the best time for more experienced surfers is from September through April.

The winter produces large waves that are good for advanced surfers.

There are also some Portugal surfing spots where beginners or progressing surfers can still enjoy the waves even in winter.

Spring (March – May)

You can surf year-round, but the best time to do it in Northern Portugal is during late spring.

The waves are good and the cities like Porto, Matosinhos, and Espinho are already getting crowded with tourists.

Summer (June – August)

Summertime is the busiest season for people travelling.

The central coast and Lisbon Europe surf beaches are the most popular places to go.

However, the northern trade winds can make waves at some spots on the west coast unpleasant.

Fall (September – November)

Almost all of the locations are open in the fall (September–November).

The crowds will have dispersed, the waves will be starting to kick in, the water will be at its warmest, and there'll still be plenty of sunshine.

Take note that the waves are larger than they were in the summer.

This is an excellent time to go snorkeling along Portugal's central coast, including Peniche, Ericeira, Nazare, and the surf near Lisbon.

Winter (December – February)

The winter months (December – February) are the best time to go surfing because the waves are bigger.

If you want to surf in Nazaré, look for areas that are not so crowded.

During the winter, there is a chance of severe storms that can make some of the surfing areas unusable.

You'll need to find south-facing spots so you won't get hit by the storm.

Cascais and the Algarve have good waves for surfing during the winter if you are looking for them.

There are gentle rolling waves during this time which makes it easy for beginner surfers to learn how to do it and also some excellent beach and point breaks for more experienced surfers.

5 of the best surf spots in Portugal

1. Supertubos

The Supertubos quarry, also known as the Supertubes, is located on the central Portugal coast south of Peniche.

Supertubos is a fantastic beach break wave that produces excellent barrels in the right conditions.

Depending on the circumstances. Supertubos comes alive during the late fall and winter with a solid swell and offshore easterly winds.

It's a well-known destination, so expect to encounter plenty of people when it's lashing.

2. Buarcos

Buarcos A right-hand beach break wave is a type of wave that breaks over a sand and rock bed.

Barcos is a popular surf spot for locals and travelers alike.

The waves here are some of the best in Portugal, making it a great place to base yourself when exploring other nearby areas.

3. Matosinhos Beach

Porto's most consistent surf break is Matosinhos.

The reefs at Foz have a lot of rocks. But the harbor wall at the northern end helps to protect from the wind.

The sand here is gentle and slopes down, which takes some of the energy out of the waves.

This makes it a great place for all skill levels.

Beginners may do worse than spending a day or two on these beaches in late summer and fall.

Although you won't find world-class waves here, it is very consistent so it made our list.

4. Nazaré

Portugal's premier big wave spot.

Works in most swells and can handle big surf.

You'd never guess that this lovely fishing town could be home to these massive waves because there are no waves.

Obviously not for beginners, and it should only be ridden by expert big wave surfers when it's crowded here.

5. Coxos

One of the best waves in Ericeira's renowned search area, it's a fantastic powerful right-hander.

The wave is a right hand rock reef that peels down the point incessantly and is a real classic when the conditions are ideal.

It's for intermediate and expert surfers, and it becomes crowded when the weather is nice.

There are numerous waves similar to this one, but Coxos is probably the best of the bunch.

FAQs – Best time to surf Portugal

What are the best months to surf in Portugal?

The best time of year to surf in Portugal is from September to October.

The best months to surf in Portugal are September and October.

The best conditions for surfing in Portugal are offshore winds and swell from the north and northwest.

What are the best conditions for surfing in Portugal?

The best conditions for surfing in Portugal are offshore winds and swell from the north and northwest.

What is the best surf spot in Portugal?

The best surf spots in Portugal are Supertubos, Buarcos, Matosinhos Beach, Nazaré, and Coxos.

Where is the best place to stay while surfing in Portugal?

The best place to stay while surfing in Portugal would be near the surf spots of Supertubos, Buarcos, Matosinhos Beach, Nazaré, and Coxos.