When is the Best Time to Surf Maldives?

If you’re looking to surf and travel to the Maldives, you’ve got to go at the right time.

Otherwise you’ll be surfing in a lake.

When is the best time to surf Maldives?

Short answer: The best time of year to go is from April-June and November-December.

You’ll have the best luck catching waves during these months, but keep in mind that there are some special visa requirements you’ll need to meet before travelling.

(The Ultimate Guide to Surfing the Maldives)

The best time to surf Maldives is April through October.

Maldives surf trips are one of a kind due to the crystal clear blue waters of Maldives.

Most places best known for surfing in the Maldives are in North and South Malé Atolls.

As a surfer venturing to the Maldives, you’ll want to focus on surfing the eastern reef of the atoll.

The Outer Atolls are 300 miles to the South and have about a dozen reef breaks never really surfed.

The only time to surf these waves are when the winds are right.

Which only happens every so often from February to April and September-November.

You can access the surf break by taking a surf charter vessel.

Just know, Outer Atolls Maldives surf is generally a few feet bigger than the surf at the North Male Atoll.

Maldives Surf bird's eye-view photography beach

The best time to surf Maldives is from April to October.

However, depending on your skills and experience, you may want to try surfing in June to September when the waves are biggest.

The surf is best between June and November, when the monsoon winds from across India sweep in and the unending swell from the south pours in.

The waves range in size from 3 to 8 feet; however, bigger ones have been seen.

A wide range of reef breaks exist, ranging from easy-to-rip shredding walls to harsher hollow pits.

There’s something for everyone.

The weather for surfing is determined by two rainy seasons.

From late February to mid-November, the best time to surf in the Maldives is ideal.

The biggest waves occur in March, May, and September, but they vanish by November.

In the surf seasons, the average reef breakers are between 4 and 5 feet tall with heights of up to 8 to 10 feet on rare occasions.

Maldives is a surfer’s paradise, with two distinct areas to enjoy the waves.

North Male Atoll offers optimal conditions from April to October, while Outer Atolls are best surfed from February to April.

However, both locations offer excellent surfing opportunities in April, so this month looks like the ideal time to plan your trip!

Maldives Surf Spots

  • Cokes 
  • Chickens
  • Honky’s
  • Lohi’s 
  • Guru’s
  • Natives
  • Kate’s
  • Riptides 
  • Sultans
  • Tomb Stones
  • Piddlies/Ninjas 
  • Quarters 
  • Male Island Point 
  • Twin Peaks 

Surf Hazards of Maldives Surf

Be mindful of the reefs while you’re swimming–they can be quite sharp.

Fortunately, the waves are gentle and won’t pose much threat unless you’re caught unaware in a rip current.

In which case, land immediately if possible.

Also remember that it’s important to stay hydrated and protect your skin from UV rays when visiting tropical climates like this one!

Best time to surf Maldives – Surf Seasons

The Maldives, much like Indonesia, have monsoons instead of seasons.

Because the Maldives are lower in the Indian Ocean, they experience more storms which often groom the waves by the time they reach shore.

1) Maldives surf in the Summer

The best time to surf in the Maldives is April-June, as there are more glassy days and consistent swell.

Even though it’s located far out in the ocean, forecasting swell can be difficult.

July-September could get rough due to increased storms and wind.

2) Maldives surf in the Winter

The Northeast Monsoon (Iruvai) is a time of year when there are few rainstorms and the winds come from the east to north.

This can often cause problems because the wind can disrupt any waves that do form.

For this reason, January-March is not an ideal time for surfing.

3) Maldives surf in the Fall

Surfing during this time Since the waves are small and divers always get priority on the boats that go to good spots, it’s not ideal to surf right now.

You might be able to reach some big waves, but only if you’re lucky.

Directions to the Maldives surf spots

There are specific visa requirements for every country that you travel to.

For example, in the Maldives, you need to have your accommodations booked before landing in Male Airport.

All travel is highly regulated in the Maldives and you also need to be part of a tour with a land or boat-based agency.

Keep in mind that the Maldives is also quite far from many other countries.

For example, a 30+ hour trip from California to Singapore is best done with Airlines.

Land-based resorts are superior in comfort and space when Maldives compared to staying on a boat charter.

Staying on land also has the advantage of not being dependent on the resort’s group surf taxis, allowing you to explore more spots.

What are the best times of year to surf in Maldives?

The best time to surf Maldives is April-June and November-December.

How is the surfing experience different on a boat or on land?

The surfing experience is different on a boat because you’re more dependent on the charter’s group surf taxis.

What is the best time of day to surf?

The best time of day to surf is early in the morning or late in the afternoon.

What are the best months to surf in Maldives?

The best months to surf in Maldives are April-June and November-December.

Where are some good surf spots in Maldives?

Some good surf spots in Maldives are Chickens, Cokes, and Jailbreaks.