24 of the Best Surfer Clothing Brands

Some of the best surfer clothing brands are Outerknown, Vissla, RVCA, TCSS, and Former.

With the popularity of surfing, more and more of the best surfer clothing brands are releasing products that cater to surfers not just when they're in the water – such as best women's wetsuits for surfing, boots, best womens surf bikinis, and rash vests – but out of it too.

We recently wrote about some of the best surfer t-shirt brands and best womens surf brands you should know about.

Discover the best surfer clothing brands below

1. Outerknown

First on our list of best surfer clothing brands is Outerknown.

In spite of being the offspring of Kelly Slater and acclaimed designer John Moore, Outerknown's first designs were a bit too vanilla for most surfers. 

Although, they've mastered eco-friendly, understated style, perfect for men who surf.

A new brand in the surf space.


Second on our list of best surfer clothing brands is RVCA.

RVCA is a surf brand for the Twenty-something (or Thirty-something) who hasn't lost his teenage spirit and appreciates clothing that combines art, music, fashion, and a desire to disrupt the norm.

3. The Critical Slide Society

Third on our list of best surfer clothing brands is The Critical Slide Society.

The Critical Slide Society was founded in 2009 on Australia's surf central coast. 

Over the past few years, the brand has become one of the trendiest surf brands, offering everything from dark and brooding to bright and sunny threads for surfers on-trend. 

Located in Bondi, we like this surf shop and their breakfast.

4. Saturday's NYC

For surfers who don't want to look like surfers, Saturday's NYC is equally at home in a New York art show as it is at a cafe in Sydney or a Bali bar. 

An international surf brand that's still cool but has turned mainstream.

5. Vissla

Fifth on our list of best surfer clothing brands is Vissla.

Former Billabong America's chief, Paul Naude, founded the Surf brand, Vissla, because he smelt the roses and gave the youth what they wanted – eco-friendly, innovative designs the ‘surf dads' haven't caught on to.

6. Banks Journal

There are a lot of surfers out there who own French Presses and don't mind a retro throwback, and Banks Journal, designed by Chris Schulstad, has an epic range of fashion-conscious prints, their latest boardshorts taking you back to the 60's.

7. The Howler Brothers

This quirky little brand is based out of Texas and run by two friends who grew up surfing together in Florida.

8. Rolla's

Eight on our list of best surfer clothing brands is Rolla's.

The surf and denim brand Rolla's is from Australia. 

Rolla's takes jeans and denim jackets back to their clean, simple basics, and in a wide range of shades of blue and black. 

Rolla's jeans tend to be comfortable too, as most of them are stretchy. 

The clothing line is rounded out with shirts and t-shirts with cool, laidback vibes.

9. Hurley

Ninth on our list of best surfer clothing brands is Hurley.

There's no doubt: real surfers go to the Hurley surf brand for two items. 

Wetsuits and board shorts. 

Even though this sporty brand was expected to fail in the ‘rebellious' surfer market, the cool cats in surfing.

10. Volcom

Tenth on our list of best surfer clothing brands is Volcom.

Noa Deane is to Volcom what Craig Anderson was to Quicksilver: instant credibility. 

It's not like they needed it-of all the legacy surf brands, Volcom is probably the only one that's stayed cool all these years, sponsoring some of the top guys in the industry.

11. Barney Cools

Eleventh on our list of best surfer clothing brands is barney Cools.

Founded in Australia, Barney Cools is known for its rebellious spirit and open mind. 

Their clothes are like nothing else out there, they're super cool, laid back, and a little alternative. 

You can't go wrong with it.

12. Cariuma

Twelfth on our list of best surfer clothing brands is Cariuma.

Cariuma is a footwear brand that emphasizes comfort and sustainability, created by two Brazilian friends with a passion for boardsports. 

Canvas sneakers are made with a number of recycled materials, including bamboo, naturally-obtained rubber, organic cotton and sugarcane. 

Nearly half of the company's footwear line is vegan (a percentage that is continually rising) and, best of all, the sneakers are surprisingly attractive.

With low and high-top styles, a variety of colors and styles are available to suit any casual outfit. 

To combat deforestation, Cariuma will plant a tree for each pair of shoes purchased.

13. McTavish

Thirteenth on our list of Best surfer clothing brands is McTavish.

The McTavish company was founded in Byron Bay, Australia's most famous surfing spot, by Bob McTavish back in 1962. 

McTavish famous for not only making the finest surfboards, but also creating super cool and laid back clothing. 

From the beach to a coffee shop or cafe, their surf clothing is the perfect beach companion.

An ideal brand for surfers.

14. Patagonia

Interested in surfing in all seasons? 

In addition to making some amazing outdoor gear, Patagonia has become the go-to brand for surfers who are looking to stay warm with long-lasting fabrics. 

Additionally, they have recently introduced a new summer collection (including flannel shirts), which have their trademark longevity and automatically instill you with the bumbling charm of an adventurer from old Britain. 

Our verdict?

Sustainability at Patagonia proves it doesn't have to impede style, but can actually enhance it.

15. Swell

In 1999, Swell was founded as an “action sports retailer” who provides clothing and accessories that are both stylish and functional. 

16. SurfStitch

SurfStitch has taken over the brand and added surf hardware products such as board bags and leashes.

17. Rhythm

Launched on Anzac Day 2003 by surf creatives who saw a gap in the market for a fusion of surf, art, music, and lifestyle, Rhythm is a globe-trotter's colourful best friend.

18. Katin

As a boat cover company, Kanvas by Katin was founded in 1954 in Surfside, California. 

Nancy and Walter Katin began making clothing when Corky Carroll asked for rugged surf shorts they made from the material they used for boat covers. 

Despite the passing of Walter and Nancy, their seamstress continues to run the business, as well as the original store in California. 

They are still committed to producing quality, durable items.

19. Deus Ex Machina

In addition to their bikes and their line of ultra cool clothing, Deus Ex Machina has dabbled in the surf world. 

A portion of their ‘surf' offering consists of retro ‘rubber' that looks great on longboards and single fins. 

The clothing they carry will make you look fresh on the beach or at a bar. 

Deus has one of the best curated aesthetics around, so it's well worth checking out whatever you’re looking for.

20. Thrills

The thrills brand describes itself as “a lifestyle brand that defines culture”. 

Lifestyle, since the company's designs are inspired by motorcycle culture and music. 

They combine their passion for music, art, and culture to create the brand they are known for today. 

Their growth has been exponential in the past decade since moving from the US to Byron Bay.

21. Quiksilver

As one of the top brands in the world, Quiksilver was founded in Tourquay, Australia, in 1969. You can find a wide selection of land-based and sea-based clothing that will keep you looking and feeling cool wherever you go.

They also created the surf brand Roxy just for girls and women.

22. Former

At the time, Craig Anderson was part of a multi-million dollar contract with Quicksilver to found Outerknown, which was founded by Dane Reynolds, Austyn Gillette, and Dylan Rieder, all of whom are considered to be the best freesurfers in the world. 

Former is a clothing brand and surfwear company that's inspired by surfing's old style and skateboarding's grungy style. It's like athletic brands like Hurley..

23. Misfit Shapes

It responds to a corporate era in a gritty way. 

The founding members of Misfit Shapes describe themselves as “an OG surf movement that enables art, design, and individuality to coexist within a realm more dominated by conformity and observation.” 

Formed from a rare group of mildly deranged but high-powered surfers and designers, Misfit Shapes is fast becoming known for its sophisticated threads. 

I wouldn't call it luxurious, but it isn't bad looking, and the price isn't outrageous either.

24. Halska

The underdog scores a goal. 

Don't we all love supporting small, local businesses? 

The task becomes even easier when it comes to brands that are known for quality, eco-consciousness and sustainability. 

Halska is an Australian surfwear label based in Cronulla, Sydney that makes simple, minimalist clothing, with an emphasis on keeping as much of the production in Australia as possible.

Ultimately, you'll be able to control the quality more tightly, which will put a bigger smile on your face. 

Plus, this young brand already ships worldwide, so we don't have to limit our purchases to Australia.