13 of the Best Surfboard Racks for Car Mounting

Do you want to find a cheap way to transport your surfboard, so you can hit the waves as soon as possible? Do you need help figuring out which are the best surfboard racks for car mounting? If so, then look no further! You've come to the right place. As anyone who owns a surfboard knows, they are not exactly portable items. Additionally, transporting them in or on your car can be challenging, to say the least. Most importantly of all though, you don't want to put yourself or others at risk while doing so.

We recently wrote about surfboard racks for truck beds.

Though a car is required for this method, it will be worth your while. The best way to travel and find the perfect waves is by installing one of these available surfboard racks for car mounting . They're not only affordable but also do their job well, allowing you to carry boards on top of your car without blocking your rear or side view driving angles. There are two types of rack: hard and soft . Surfer who tend to keep things off their roofs usually go with hard racks; people driving vehicles with rain gutters typically opt for soft racks .

On the other hand, soft racks are an excellent choice as they come with straps that easily attach and remove the rack. With this system, your surfboards will never come into contact with your car's roof because of smooth pads. These type of racks also fit board bags and unprotected boards; however, you should always position the fins up and pointing forward when storing in the back seat.

Best surfboard racks for car mounting

1. Thule Board Shuttle

thule board shuttle surfboard rack

With this product, you'll have an exclusive SUP and surfboard carrier that is able to telescoping-width with board protection as well as universal roof-rack compatibility.

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2. Thule Surf Pads

thule surf pads

This 18/24-inch UV coated foam pad is easy to install with its hook and loop middle strap and bungee cord end straps.

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3. Thule SUP Taxi XT

SUP Surf board car rack with telescope design, soft weather resistant padding and four One-Key locks.

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4. Thule Express Surf Strap

thule express surf strap

This is a simple and straightforward tightening system that will hold different size surfboards, stand-up paddleboards, and sailboards to your vehicle roof. It uses stretchable bungee straps.

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5. Yakima FlushBar System

yakima flushbar system

The Yakima FlushBar is one of the safest overhead racks on the market and its sleek design integrates perfectly with your vehicle. The crossbar, complete with integrated towers, provides maximum strength while minimizing drag and noise levels for a more enjoyable ride.

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6. Woowave Cross Bars

woo wave car rack

The Woowave Cross Bars are perfect for carrying any type of board. The soft interior and tough exterior will protect your boards from any damage. The waterproof straps will keep everything secure.

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7. Dorsal Aero Rack Pads

dorsal aero rack pads for surfboards

The ideal solutions for surfers who want to transport up to two shortboards. There is a carrying case with draw strings and robust aircraft buckles for protection and durability.

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8. Block Surf Wrap Rax Double

block surf wrap rax double

This system secures your surfboards or long boards while you're driving. You can use it on cars with or without gutters.

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9. Ho Stevie! Car Roof Rack

The Ho Stevie! system is the perfect way to transport up to three surfboards on the roof of your car. The silicone buckle covers will protect your car from scratches and dents, meaning you can hit the waves without worry.

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10. Creatures of Leisure Single Wrap Rax

creatures of leisure single wrap rax

This board travel bag is perfect for protecting your car and surfboard. It comes with unbreakable metal buckles and neoprene padding to keep everything safe.

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11. Curve Roof Rack Pads

curve roof rack pads

This system has a secure lockdown and it eliminates lift, slide, and flutter. You can connect through doors or via roof rails for two different methods of connection.

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12. Dakine Aero Rack Pads

dakine long pads

The Dakine Low Volume 2pc Cover is the perfect cover for large surfboards. It has a sleek, aerodynamic design and offers 28-inch wide protection.

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13. FCS Premium Double Soft Racks

fcs d ring double soft racks

This is a highly versatile system that works with all vehicles, regardless of size or class. 1-6 shortboards or 1-4 longboards can be stored inside.

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Final thoughts on these best surfboard racks for car options

If you're looking for a safe and secure way to transport your surfboards, then any of the best surfboard racks for car options on this list will serve you well.

Consider your individual needs and find the perfect solution for you.

With one of these systems, you'll be able to hit the waves with ease, knowing that your boards are safe and sound.