10 of the Best Places to Surf for Beginners

In this guide, we rounded up the best places to surf for beginners around the world. 

The world is waiting for you to keep learning how to surf.

You don't need to be an advanced surfer to surf around the world.

Also, check out these all inclusive surfing resorts to get the travel bug biting you.

The best places to surf for beginners

California and Australia are going to offer some of the best places to surf for beginners.

The key is to find a location with the following elements – easy access, soft waves, warm water, and the expertise of a professional – and you'll be done in no time.

1. Sayulita, Mexico

First on our list of best places to surf for beginners is Sayulita, Mexico.

Surfers will be delighted to find that Mexico offers consistent waves year-round as well as some of the world's largest waves – but they won't find those spots here. 

You will always find fun surfing in Sayulita, a mellow beach town that won't overwhelm.

2. Lagos, Portugal

Second on our list of best places to surf for beginners is Lagos, Portugal.

Although Lagos itself doesn't have much to offer in terms of beaches, the town is a great place from which to explore numerous beaches that do. 

There are many surf schools in Lagos that organize trips to beaches within 30 minutes' drive. 

There is a perfect tidal range at Arrifana for learners to take a break, as the tides are low.

Spring and fall are the best times to visit Lagos, when the weather is cooler and there are fewer tourists. 

Prices are also lower during those seasons.

3. Surfer’s Point, Barbados

There's no escaping the name. 

On the southern coast of Barbados, Surfer's Point is an idyllic tropical destination that is away from the tourist hordes. 

Beginners may prefer to avoid the rainy season from June to October when the swell picks up, but Surfer's Point is a great surfing spot year round.

4. Taghazout, Morocco

Due to its mix of easy beach breaks and challenging sand bottom points, Taghazout has been a favorite surf destination for Europeans since the 1970s. 

With one of the world's longest-running surf industries and dozens of highly qualified trainers, Taghazout attracts German and Scandinavian surfers in particular.

Early fall is ideal for going because it's cooler with less waves and the temperatures aren't quite as high.

5. La Jolla Shores, California

One of the best places to surf for beginners is, of course, California.

Specifically, San Diego, California.

It's easy going in San Diego.

La Jolla Shores is another surf spot that has a laid-back vibe. 

Surfers of all levels can enjoy La Jolla Shores, which is located between Black's Beach and Windansea. 

It's easy to find soft-top surfboards galore during the summer, and there are plenty of surf schools too.

6. Cocoa Beach, Florida

There are plenty of longboarding beginners popping up and dropping down on the north and south sides of the pier.

7. 19th Street New York

A diverse crowd can be found surfing 90th Street on New York's Rockaway Peninsula at any time – except, perhaps, in the dead of winter when snow covers the sand.

In fact, the most culturally diverse city on earth can be reached by a short train ride. 

8. San Onofre, California

A melting pot of beginner surfers, old-school nose riders, and hipster longboarders, San Onofre has been called the “Waikiki of the West Coast.”.

However, for those who want to get their feet wet and hone their pop-up skills, this is the perfect spot in which to do so. 

In addition to Waikiki, there are also two intermediate to expert spots nearby that are worth checking out once you've mastered the basics (and then some).

9. Byron Bay, Australia

There might just be no better place on earth to surf waves of so many different styles than Byron Bay. 

There are great waves all year round, not to mention a laid-back town and surf culture surrounding the area.

Byron Bay has become a mecca for Australian surfers, even though it was once just a sleepy dairy town. 

Catching a wave there is said to be easy. 

If you're just learning how to surf, the gentle rollers of Watego Beach will help get you into the flow, and then the swells at The Wreck and Tallows will appeal to intermediate surfers.

The same goes for surf schools, which provide accommodation as well as beginner courses. 

You'll find the biggest swells in March/May.

10. Kuta, Bali

Last but not least on our list of best places to surf for beginners is Kuta, Bali.

There are many options for beginners in Bali, but it is more famous for its grinding reef breaks. 

It is popular to learn to surf along the Kuta to Legian coast, where learning is easy due to smaller swells.

Several surf schools offer lessons on how to do it right in Kuta too, with dozens of beach huts renting out cheap surfboards. 

The best time to visit is between May and September, when you can count on strong offshore winds and a lively atmosphere.

It doesn't matter if you're just looking to get a little wet in Bali; it has plenty of spots. 

Water temperature is warm (check), boards are available for rental (check), swell is consistent (check), and the sky is sunny (check). 

When you are learning to surf, it has everything you might need.

FAQ – Best places to surf for beginners

Where is the best place to learn to surf in the world?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as the best place to surf for beginners depends on your individual skill level and surfing preferences.

While in order to learn how to get up on a surfboard can be done at most beaches, you may as well make it in a beautiful destination.

However, some of the best places to learn to surf include La Jolla Shores in California, Cocoa Beach in Florida, San Onofre in California, Byron Bay in Australia, and Kuta.

What are the best waves for beginners?

The best waves for beginners can be found in many different places, depending on your individual preferences and skill level.

Some of the best waves for beginner surfers include smaller waves along the Kuta to Legian coast in Bali, the north and south sides of the pier in Cocoa Beach, Florida.

What are some of the best places to surf in California?

Some of the best places to surf in California include La Jolla Shores, San Onofre, and Byron Bay.

What are some of the best places to surf in Australia?

Some of the best places to surf for beginners in Australia is only Byron Bay.

What are some of the best places to surf in Bali?

Some of the best places to surf in Bali include Kuta and Legian.