2 of the Best Hanging Surfboard Racks

In this guide, you'll learn about the different hanging surfboard racks you can use to save space and keep your boards safe.

They're simple to make and can save you a lot of room on the floor.

We've put together a collection of hanging surfboard racks below.

Check out these hanging surfboard racks below

1. EasyGO SUP Hanging Surfboard Racks

hanging surfboard racks

Looking for a great way to store your surfboard?

Check out the EasyGO SUP Rack!

This overhead rack can easily be mounted in your garage or room and can hold up to 75 pounds per side.

The arms are adjustable, so you can make sure it fits perfectly in your space.

Plus, the powder-coated steel construction will keep your boards safe and sound.

Each rack is 18 inches tall and the arms supporting the boards are 25 inches wide.

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2. Extreme Max Hanging Surfboard Racks

hanging surfboard racks

Looking for a fun and easy way to store your surfboards?

Look no further than the Extreme Max Hanging Surfboard Rack!

This rack is designed to create extra storage space in hard-to-use overhead areas of your garage, storage shed, or underneath your deck.

It's made from heavy-duty aluminum with a durable foam sleeve on each arm to protect your boards from pressure dings and scrapes.

The rack has a 135 lb. weight capacity, so you can store multiple surfboards or paddleboards on each side.

Installation is easy, and you can mount it directly into a ceiling joist or with the included drywall anchors.

So go ahead and make some extra storage space for your boards with the Extreme Max SUP/Surfboard Ceiling Rack!

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Common questions about hanging surfboard racks

How much weight can a hanging surfboard rack hold?

A hanging surfboard rack can typically hold around 75 pounds, but this varies depending on the design of the rack.

It's important to check the weight capacity before hanging any heavy boards.

Making sure you install a hanging surfboard rack into a solid surface is key for it supporting more weight.

Such as using a stud finder to locate a solid part of the ceiling to secure the hanging surfboard rack.

What is the best way to hang a surfboard rack?

There are a few different ways to hang a surfboard rack.

The simplest is to use screws to mount the rack to a ceiling joist.

If you don't have a joist available, you can use the included drywall anchors.

Is there a specific type of hanging surfboard rack for longboards?

There are specific hanging surfboard racks designed for longboards.

These racks are typically made from heavier materials to support the extra weight, and they have a wider arm span to accommodate the longer boards.

Can you hang a surfboard rack in your garage?

Yes, you can easily hang a surfboard rack in your garage.

The hanging racks are designed to be easy to install, and many models include adjustable heights to fit a variety of spaces.

Where can I buy a hanging surfboard rack?

There are a variety of places to buy hanging surfboard racks, including online retailers and hardware stores.

Be sure to check the weight capacity before making a purchase to make sure the rack can hold your boards.