5 of the Best Foam Surfboards for Beginners (Explained)

The best foam surfboard for beginners is the Wavestorm 8ft Classic Surfboard. It offers a balance of stability and performance, making it ideal for novices. Its durability, lightness, and affordability also make it a top choice for those just starting their surfing journey.

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Introduction the the Best Foam Surfboards for Beginners: The Basics

Stepping into the surfing world, you’ll soon realize the profound significance of having the right gear.

And by gear, we predominantly mean the surfboard.

It’s not just a piece of equipment; it’s your companion in the water.

Now, let’s hone in on the best foam surfboards for beginners, shall we?

Your initial choice of surfboard can make or break your early surfing experience.

While there’s an array of surfboards available in the market, foam surfboards are increasingly becoming the go-to for those just starting out.


Well, besides being safer and more stable, these boards have a forgiving nature that can be a game-changer for beginners.

Imagine this: You’re venturing out for your first surfing lesson. The waves are teasing, the wind’s in your favor, and all eyes are on you. In such a scenario, would you want an unstable board that’s hard to balance on?

Probably not.

Hence, understanding the importance of choosing the best foam surfboards for beginners is paramount in setting the stage for your surfing journey.

The only complaint about soft top surfboards is that they’re too much fun to ride!

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5 of the Best Foam Surfboards for Beginners

In your pursuit of surfing excellence, the company you keep (or rather, the board beneath your feet) matters.

With so many brands waving at you from the shore, let’s dive deep into the crests and troughs of the most popular foam surfboard brands tailored for beginners like you.

1. Wave Bandit: The Jamie O’Brien Touch

wave bandit foam surfboards

Catch Surf is a pioneer in the surfboard foam space, having gained a lot of momentum and popularity in recent years.

Wave Bandit isn’t just another name in the foam surfboard universe. Thanks to its collaboration with Jamie O’Brien, it rides on a wave of authenticity and expertise. If you’re seeking a brand stamped with a seal of professional approval, let Wave Bandit be your companion.

2. Wavestorm: Riding High with the 8ft Classic Surfboard

wavestorm foam surfboards

If you want to learn how to surf and are looking for an easy-to-use and durable board, look no further than the Wavestorm 8ft Classic Surfboard.

When you hear murmurs of the 8ft Classic Surfboard, you’re likely eavesdropping on a Wavestorm conversation. Renowned for its blend of softness with performance, this board strikes a delicate balance. As you embark on your surfing saga, Wavestorm promises to be a trusty ally.

3. Rock-it and Softech: Crafting Distinction

In the crowded shoreline of foam surfboard brands, Rock-it and Softech have etched their names with precision. Whether it’s their unique design philosophy or their commitment to beginner-friendly features, these brands beckon with a promise of an unparalleled surfing initiation.

4. Liquid Shredder: Luxuriating in Soft Tops

liquid shredder foam surfboards

High-end and custom-made – two phrases that perfectly encapsulate the essence of Liquid Shredder. With its soft top surface surfing boards and SUPs, this brand invites you to experience the art of surfing wrapped in luxury. If refinement is what you seek, let Liquid Shredder guide your waves.

5. SBBC: Zooming in on the Verve and Ruccus

South Bay Board Company (SBBC) doesn’t just manufacture boards; it crafts experiences. The Verve and Ruccus models are testimonies to this ethos. With their designs inspired and influenced by seasoned surfers, these boards cater specifically to beginner aspirations.

If you’re eager to ride the best foam surfboards for beginners, SBBC offers a comforting embrace.

SBBC Verve (8ft)

south bay board co foam surfboards

The 8′ Verve Heritage is a 96″ x 23″ x 3″ board with a capacity of 74 liters.

It was designed and influenced by surfers, making it ideal for beginners wanting to learn how to surf. The #1 best-selling board at SBBC has nothing to envy from the rest, and for good reason!

SBBC Ruccus Soft Top 7ft

best foam surfboards for beginners

The true passion of the South Bay Board Company lies in water sports.

They take pride in seeing an increase of new people getting into surfing every year. The 7’ Ruccus, measuring at 84” x 22” x 2.85” and 49L of Volume, is a board that has been designed by surfers with influence from traditional beginner funboard shapes.

6. Giantex

giantex foam surfboards

The Giantex 6ft is constructed of durable top foam and slick HDPE high-speed bottom.

It’s a stiff, responsive bottom skin that improves the board’s stiffness and speed.

This surfing board has a sturdy foam top, an EPE deck, an EPS core, and a PP hard-slick bottom.

The Benefits Foam Surfboards

Let’s dive right into the myriad benefits of opting for foam surfboards, especially if you’re just starting your wave-riding journey.

Beginner surfers often prefer foam surfboards because they offer more stability, durability, and floatation.

1. Safety First: The Gentle Nature of Foam Surfboards

When you’re catching your first waves, a couple of wipeouts are part of the package, right?

But imagine having a board that’s soft and forgiving.

Foam surfboards act like a cushioned friend, ensuring that even if you have an unplanned rendezvous with your board, it’s less likely to leave a mark.

Your safety is paramount, and these boards have got your back!

2. Stability and Buoyancy: A Dream for Beginners

Picture yourself effortlessly gliding on the water’s surface.

That’s the experience foam surfboards offer.

Their inherent stability and buoyancy make them a delight for beginners.

No more wobbly starts!

With these boards, you’re on your way to catching waves with much more ease than you anticipated.

3. Durability that Speaks Volumes

New to the sport?

It’s only natural to have a few hiccups along the way.

Thankfully, the best foam surfboards for beginners are robust, handling those minor accidents and rough usages like a champ.

Their resilience ensures they’re in it for the long haul with you.

4. The Attractive Price Point: Cost-Effectiveness at its Best

The world of surfing can sometimes burn a hole in your pocket, especially with all the gear out there.

However, foam surfboards come as a breath of fresh air.

Not only are they typically more affordable than their fiberglass counterparts, but they also offer outstanding value for money.

Quality without breaking the bank? It’s a win-win!

5. The Beauty of Easy Maintenance

Last, but certainly not least, let’s talk upkeep.

One of the joys of owning a foam surfboard, especially when you’re still getting the hang of things, is their minimal maintenance.

No intricate processes or expensive upkeep regimes.

With basic care, these boards remain your trusty companions wave after wave.

Unraveling the Anatomy of the Best Foam Surfboards for Beginners

Foam surfboards, especially tailored for beginners like you, have a unique structure and design that differentiate them from their traditional counterparts.

It is perfect for anyone trying to learn how to surf; it is the beginner board of choice.

Let’s embark on this insightful journey, shedding light on the vital components of these beginner-friendly boards.

EPS Foam and Slick Bottoms

When you touch the surface of a foam surfboard, you’re essentially feeling the magic of EPS foam.

This expanded polystyrene foam makes the board lightweight, buoyant, and, most importantly, forgiving.

Accompanying this foam is the slick bottom, often reminiscent of the surface of a bodyboard.

It not only enhances the board’s speed but also promises smooth rides across the waves.

Wooden Stringers for Rigidity

Peek inside the best foam surfboards for beginners, and you’ll find wooden stringers running through their length.

Wondering about their role?

These stringers act as the spine of the board, bestowing it with rigidity and firmness.

No more floppy boards; these stringers ensure that your board remains strong and sturdy, wave after wave.

The Art of Design

Upon a cursory glance, foam surfboards might appear similar to traditional boards.

However, diving deeper (ahem, without delving, of course), you’ll notice stark differences.

Unlike hard-coated traditional boards layered with fiberglass or epoxy, foam surfboards embrace their soft-top nature.

This unique design not only boosts safety but also aids beginners in mastering their balance and enhancing their surfing skills.

Picking the Right Foam Surfboard

Before you sprint toward the ocean, surfboard in tow, let’s pause for a moment.

Picking the right foam surfboard can make a world of difference in your initial surfing endeavors.

Much like choosing the perfect pair of shoes for a marathon, selecting your board requires a keen understanding of a few crucial facets.

Ready to uncover them?

Let’s navigate this together.

1. Length and Width

Just as you wouldn’t pick any random shoe size, your surfboard’s dimensions are pivotal.

The length and width of your foam surfboard play a key role in determining stability.

For budding surfers like you, a board that’s too short or narrow might make the learning curve steeper.

On the flip side, opt for the right size, and you’ll find the waves much more forgiving.

Size does matter, especially when you’re aiming for those smooth rides.

2. Decoding Design: The Trio of Choices

The world of foam surfboards presents a delightful platter of designs – the classic longboard, the sprightly mini-torpedos, and the iconic fish shape.

While the longboard brings with it an air of tradition and grace, the mini-torpedos promise agility and quick turns.

And then, there’s the fish shape – perfect for those wanting a hint of shortboard vibes.

Take a moment, picture your ideal surfing experience, and let that guide your design choice.

3. Appearance and Graphics

Your foam surfboard is more than just a piece of sports equipment; it’s an extension of your personality.

Dive into the vast world of appearances and graphics, and you’ll be spoiled for choice.

From minimalist designs for the understated surfer to vibrant graphics that scream your passion for the waves, your board can be as unique as you are.

Let your personal preferences steer this decision.

4. Navigating the Budget Waves: Price Considerations

While we’d all love a limitless budget, reality often paints a different picture.

The price range of foam surfboards varies as widely as the ocean’s horizon.

But worry not!

Even if you’re sailing on a tight budget, with a keen eye and informed choices, you can still score one of the best foam surfboards for beginners.

Remember, it’s not always about the price tag but the value and joy the board brings to your surfing journey.

How to Take Care of Your Foam Surfboard

A foam surfboard might be sturdy and forgiving, but it too needs a touch of tender loving care.

Dive in with us as we skim through the top care techniques to ensure your board remains as impressive as day one.

1. Sun Shielding

Much like how we humans need a bit of sunscreen, your foam surfboard craves shade.

While basking under the sun post-surfing might seem tempting, prolonged sun exposure can lead to board discoloration and even structural weakening.

So, after those wave-chasing sessions, do your board a favor and seek a shady spot. Trust us; it’ll thank you with many more wave rides.

2. Storing Smartly: Your Board’s Safe Haven

Your board’s resting spot matters more than you’d think.

Ensure it’s away from direct heat or any sharp objects that might scratch or ding it.

Wall racks or padded board bags can be a foam board’s best friend, ensuring it stays in prime condition, ready for your next surf adventure.

2. Battle Scars and Repairs: Healing Your Board

No matter how careful you are, dings and damages can sneak up on the best of us.

But fret not!

Addressing them promptly can make all the difference.

Ensure your board is dry before you start any repair.

Using epoxy resin kits designed for foam boards, mend those dings, and you’ll have your board back in action in no time.

3. Wax On, Wax Off

Here’s a little secret: even the best foam surfboards for beginners need a good waxing.

Contrary to some beliefs, waxing isn’t just for traditional boards.

A well-waxed foam board ensures you have the grip you need, reducing slippery mishaps.

Before you know it, this ritual will become as natural as the rhythm of the waves you ride.