11 of the Best Beaches in Hawaii for Surfing

In this guide, you'll discover some of the best beaches for surfing in Hawaii.

Hawaii's unique position far from any other landmass provides for extremely unusual wave patterns that you just can't find anywhere else.


The spectacular North Shore beaches of Oahu are well-known. For surfing, it's the absolute paradise on Earth.

It's not only gorgeous; it also has a wide range of excellent longboard waves for surfers.

1. Ehukai Beach Park (North Shore, Oahu)

Ehukai Beach Park is a great place to surf because there are several peaks that work with different types of waves.

The bottom is sandy with some rocks, making it a good place to come if you are an intermediate surfer.

However, it can be dangerous for beginners so be careful.

Ehukai is down the street from a few surf shops, eateries, and water sport businesses.

When you approach the beach, you'll see the pipeline to your left.

The waves offer an array of options depending on which way the wind is blowing; east swell wrap or west peak shifting.

This spot is not ideal for beginners because of how quickly conditions can change and how big the pipeline gets.

Ehukai provides visitors with a taste of what it's like to surf on Oahu's North Shore.

2. Laniakea (North Shore, Oahu)

Second on our list of best beaches in Hawaii for surfing is Laniakea.

This spot is great for experienced surfers because the waves can be very fast and long.

The beach also has four or five sections that are makeable.

The water here is deep, but the waves still barrel with the right conditions.

This spot is good for any swell with a bit of north in it; it doesn't work at all on pure west swells.

If you're not from the area, this might be the best place to surf because locals can get territorial at other spots.

3. Backyards (North Shore, Oahu)

Backyards is one of the best beaches in Hawaii for surfing.

This spot is recommended only for advanced surfers because the waves are fast and can become quite large—the wall can grow up to 50 feet high.

Usually, NorthWest swells provide the best waves; however, Backyards will have good waves with any swell direction.

4. Velzyland (North Shore, Oahu)

Velzyland is the fourth-best beach in Hawaii for surfing.

The water here is shallow and there are sharp reefs, so it can be risky to catch a wave.

In order to surf in Hawaii, you need to know everything about the area.

If you're driving on Kam Highway, you can park your car and go through the entrance at Sunset Beach Colony.

5. Sunset (North Shore, Oahu)

Sunset Beach is a popular surfing destination because of its excellent conditions and gorgeous sunsets.

It is located near other great spots like North Shore Surf Shop, but be mindful of the powerful waves coming from the west!

Sunset is known for its large and hollow swells, which are ideal for experienced surfers.

If you are just starting out, it is probably best to try another beach first.

But if you are confident in your abilities and have paddled before, Sunset Beach should definitely be on your list!

In that light, you can surf it without fear (crowd-wise) if you stop hyper-paddling.

Even at a playful three feet Hawaiian There are large waves with which even experienced surfers may struggle to board.

You'll need some length and paddling power in your board for this one.

Waves with significant amounts of foam tend to be thick and difficult to penetrate.

6. Diamond Head Cliffs (South Shore, Oahu)

The Diamond Head volcano is located on Oahu's south coast.

The Pacific waves at the Diamond Head State Monument may be surfed by beginners and experts of all skill levels.

In the morning and late afternoon, smaller waves are available, while bigger waves with a speed of up to 24 miles per hour move through in the middle of the day.

Surfing enthusiasts will enjoy thatDiamond Head Cliffs is one of those rare locations that caters to both novices and expert surfers looking to surf in Hawaii.

7. Canoes (South Shore, Oahu)

The Waikiki surf adventure is the perfect starting point for any surfer looking to experience Hawaii.

With some of the best beaches in Hawaii, every surfer should come at least once.

The south shore provides friendly waves and 15 different spots to surf – making it perfect for beginners who are just learning how to surf.


While Oahu's North Shore is the big name in Hawaiian surfing, some of the best surfing beaches on Maui will surprise you.

8. Honolua Bay

Honolua is Maui's most popular surfing spot in Hawaii. This spot can get busy with tourists and locals.

If you want to surf here, be prepared for a lot of people.

This place is good for strong surfers willing to battle the current and a shallow reef line.

Honolua is one of the world's most magical waves- it's an immaculate right point that appears to peel into infinity.

This spot is less sheltered from the northern islands, so it doesn't work as often; however, when there is a big north-northwest swell, this place is magical.

The typical trade winds that bother most other parts of Maui are no issue here, making for a consistent side-offshore breeze.

To experience its magic for yourself, park on the bluff above and follow someone out.

9. Launiupoko State Wayside Park

If you're looking for an idyllic place to learn how to surf in Hawaii, look no further than Launiupoko State Wayside Park.

The long reef waves offer beginner-friendly conditions, making it a great spot for those just learning the ropes.

But even if you're more advanced, this is still an excellent choice – after all, who doesn't love a bit of relaxation on beautiful waves?

10. The Cove at Kalama Beach Park

The calm bay is ideal for novices, with regular and dependable swells.

It's a perfect spot for beginners on the western side of the island.

It's an easy choice for our list of Hawaii's best surfing beaches.

The Cove is ideal for beginning surfers or first-timers since the waves are tiny and the water shallow.

11. Hookipa (Paia, Maui)

Haiku to Paia is a great place to surf because the waves are consistent.

You can see all of the good waves from the road.

The best wave is at The Pavillions, but there are other good waves too.

You have to get up early and surf again late in the day when it's not windy.

Common questions about the best beaches in Hawaii for surfing

What are the best beaches in Hawaii for surfing?

The best beaches in Hawaii for surfing are Honolua Bay, Launiupoko State Wayside Park, and The Cove at Kalama Beach Park.

What should I bring with me when I go surfing in Hawaii?

When you go surfing in Hawaii, you should bring a surfboard, sunscreen, a surf hat, and water.

How can I improve my surfing while in Hawaii?

Some of the best ways to improve your surfing while in Hawaii is to attend a surf camp, join a surf group, or go surfing with a friend.

What type of waves can I expect to surf while in Hawaii?

You can expect to surf waves that range from small and easy to manage, to large and more challenging.

Where is the best place to learn how to surf in Hawaii?

If you're looking for the best place to learn how to surf in Hawaii, then Launiupoko State Wayside Park is a great option.

This spot is perfect for new surfers, and the waves are typically easy to manage.

What are some safety tips I should keep in mind while surfing in Hawaii?

Some safety tips to keep in mind while surfing in Hawaii include always wearing a sunscreen, never surfing alone, and being aware of the tides and currents.