We love surfing. We love to travel. We especially love surfboards over 9-foot. Blueberry Surf combines all of this.

Welcome to Blueberry Surf! We’re grateful that you’re here.

You may think we started this website simply because we adore surf travel. Well, you’d be correct. But more importantly, we created Blueberry Surf because we care so much about adventurous surfers.

Surfers are some of the most intrepid, most fun people on this planet. There is no central resource to help travel-minded surfers solve their wanderlust problems. Until now…

Enter Blueberry Surf: Your one-stop destination for all the surf-inspired insights and resources you need to surf anywhere in the world and make life easier.

Blueberry Surf will help you surf this crazy world of ours.

At Blueberry Surf, we believe that surfers are instigators of local community and happiness. Surfers will travel anywhere, immerse themselves in any culture. Surfers are often on the frontlines of travel. Being the first to integrate and become aware of environments, while also preserving them. We believe that the love and support of this tribe is what determines the spirit of travel and adventure.

Our mission is to empower you as a globetrotting and eco-minded surfer. We’ll offer insights to some of the best surf spots in the world, review surf gear, and otherwise arm you with everything you need to know to create memorable surf trips worth talking about.

Ultimately, as a surfer you’re part of an active tribe. So, if you’ve ever asked yourself “When is the best season for surfing Costa Rica?” or “What are the best longboard waves?” or just simply “What are the best gifts for surfers?”, then you’ve come to the right place!